Ireland Visa Lottery Application Form 2018-2019

Ireland Visa Application | Ireland Visa Lottery Application Form 2018-2019

Ireland Visa – People who love benefiting from this, this is how you can apply for Ireland visa lottery application form 2018-2019 also get it accomplished within a little time with no worries, will pass out little information and details you need to follow in getting the Ireland visa lottery.

If you are applying for the Ireland visa lottery, no payment is attached to this form, kindly avoid people who tell you payment is attached to it.

get informed that lot of people can apply for this visa lottery, there are not selective people who can apply for this form, this form is for everyone, get it in  mind that both, married, divorced, single, old, young can obtain the Ireland visa lottery, also student can as well apply for this form.

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Types Of Ireland Visa Lottery Form 2018-2019 | Ireland Application form

Make sure you know the type of form you will be applying for, that why i need to state it below.

  1. Diplomat visa lottery form
  2. Transit visa lottery form
  3. Farmworker visa lottery form
  4. Business visa lottery form
  5. Pilgrimage visa lottery form
  6. Students Sweden visa lottery form
  7. Tourist visa lottery form
  8. Visitors visa lottery form
  9. Skilled workers lottery form


What You Need For Ireland Visa Lottery

  1. Your birth certificate
  2. make sure you have a copy of the invitation for the conference also with your details on the company accepted representatives just like your phone number, attachment of your duration of your stay for business trip or conference , for business applicants
  3. Have a copy of your round trip tickets or itinerary.
  4. Your information of booking/hotel
  5. Your bank statement for the last 3 months.
  6. You should an invitation letter form family/friends/sponsors that you will be staying with over there.
  7. Have a sized passport of white background or the required one.
  8. Valid Nigeria passport (ECOWAS) that have long rate of 30days or months of you’re staying in the country.
  9. Your proof of staying in Ireland like visa, green card, resident permit etc.
  10. Your letter which is supported from guardians, friends or sponsors.
  11. Your Ireland application form
  12. Your utility bills

Steps To Apply Ireland Visa Lottery 2018-2019

Lot of people have been applying for this, you can also apply, all you need is to click on this link or copy and paste the link


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