Jamb Regularization – Jamb Part Time & Others Without Jamb No.

Jamb Regularization – Jamb Part-Time & Others Without Jamb Registration Number.

Jamb Regularization – Registration for JAMB to direct entry into institutions had been complex. Also, Admission entry into other higher institutions like the HND program and Direct entry Program for those that did ND Part-Time and those that were admitted by the institution, not with Jamb Admission Letter are all required for Jamb Regularization. To make the story a better on you, candidates should understand the union of the following admission into:Jamb Regularization - Jamb Part Time & Others Without Jamb No.

  • NCE
  • UNILAD Diploma course Students
  • DLI Students
  • OND
  • HND

Facts About Jamb Regularization

Admission is controlled by JAMB and the institution you choose as your first choice when applying for the JAMB form online. The JAMB Registration you did when applying for the JAMB REGULARISATION form is also known as the LATE APPLICATION FORM. Some institution doesn’t give candidate admission through JAMB, thinking it was JAMB that gives them admission, I think here, there is a problem!

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Here maybe you did part-time in an institution which you were given admission into, but not through JAMB. Thinking the admission is secured by JAMB, IN THIS CASE, YOU DON’T HAVE REGISTRATION NUMBER FOR JAMB

You have an admission that was not notified by JAMB and you didn’t inform JAMB. If there is a problem anywhere it most have a solution! Here are steps to follow when looking for a solution.

How To Confirm If You Must Go For Jamb Regularization

  1. Go to HERE;
  2. Beside the jamb platform you will tap on; “Admission Status”;
  3. Put in your JAMB number, select the year you did your JAMB.
  4. Then this may be shown to you when you tap on check admission after filing of the necessary details.  “Sorry no, admission is given yet.”
  5. Then you can walk to any JAMB centers to ask for further information about the next steps to follow in having your admission through JAMB.

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Jamb Regularization Registration Procedures

Now your problem has been solved and rectified by JAMB now you can go on with your JAMB REGLARIZATION. In doing this registration you are to pay the amount of N10, 000 for purchasing the JAMB regularization. You can process the payment directly or use the payment platform of Remita for the payment. Your institution must not add any additional charges when obtaining the JAMB REGULARISATION form. However, here are the steps to follow when applying for JAMB regularization.

  1. Go to;
  2. Tap on “Late Application”;
  3. Here, you will be required to create a JAMB profile.
  4. Make sure you use a valid email, which you will never forget and you know is existing, this is compulsory because of this where your details will be sent to.
  5. Fill in the required shown to you when creating your profile.
  6. Successfully you have created your profile, log in with the email, and the password you use in creating your profile.
  7. Now you have logged in, privileges to view all available services see all available services!
  8. Scroll down the page where you will find “Late Application.”
  9. When doing the filling of your details and preceding to the next page they will be a Transaction ID that you will use going forward. It will be shown  on the confirmation page;
  10. Go through the details provided on the confirmation page.
  11. The TRANSACTION ID will be shown to you after the filing of your online form; keep the details shown to you, this will be used for reference use.
  12. The details for your payment will be sent to your email, which you register down when applying for the form;
  13. Now tap on “Continue” if you want to make the payment online, but if you don’t want to make the payment online using your ATM bank card, you can print out the copy and take it to the bank for payment. After you make the payment you can proceed to the next page.
  14. Your payment receipt will show approved when you make the payment online, if you make the payment to the bank, log in back to your JAMB profile scroll down, you will find payment, tap on it, click on “Get Status”, you will get the payment approved by JAMB, at the bottom of the receipt tap on continue.
  15. Here you will have to put in the JAMB registration number which was given to you by JAMB when you registering for your previous JAMB and also select the year you registered for the JAMB. (THIS IF YOU HAVE JAMB REGISTRATION NUMBER BEFORE), but if you don’t have please continue without putting anything, the JAMB registration number will be sent by JAMB later after the completion of the form
  16. Now you will be shown a page where you will have to fill in your details, please make sure you fill in all your details correctly and carefully. You will be asked to fill in a lot of information about yourself and your school. You will found a space when you will be asked to put in your graduation serial number, this is compulsory only if you have that. You will need to put in your ND matriculation number, institution name, email, institution rector, registrar name, contact number.
  17. Now you are done with the form, you have to put in your passport with any background of 120pixel x 120pixel, this passport will be used by JAMB, the passport must be clear because this will be used as your image forever on JAMB profile.
  18. Then check carefully the form you fill online before submitting, because if you make any mistake, you have to pay again for the form, now you can submit after checking properly, then you have to print out the indemnity form.
  19. Now you have printed out the indemnity form, you have to take it to your institution for submission, your institution will have to take it to JAMB for approval that truly you started your ND in the institution.
  20. Now you have to check your registered email with JAMB, which your JAMB registration number will be sent to you by JAMB, the message may take up to weeks or months. This new registration number will be used to print out your admission letter.

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How To Print Jamb Admission Letter After Jamb Regularization Registration

  1. Log in with your registered email and password which you create, when creating the JAMB profile.
  2. Scroll down the page, you will find “check admission status”
  3. Put in the registration number sent to your email, select the year you registered for ND, then put in your registration number, then click on check admission, now a message will be displayed on your screen, you have been given admission into Obafemi Awolowo University, the admission given to you depends on the institution you started with.
  4. Now you have to pay the sum of N1, 000 to JAMB for you to print out your admission letter.
  5. Now you have your admission letter with you, this can be used for your NYSC or direct entry process.

Jamb Regularization Deadline | Closing Date

There is no JAMB regularization deadline / Closing for JAMB regularization. However, Jamb Regularization is just a process for you to get in touch with your admission issue. You can also follow the procedure above, all that you need to know about it is the following:

NOTE: There is No Closing date for jamb regularization 2018 and there would be JAMB Regularization Deadline. The Jamb regularization deadline only affects candidates that need it at a particular time, so on the Jamb portal, no closing date for the jamb regularization. However, for you to know whether the closing date affects you or not; just see how to check your JAMB regularization status.

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  1. Your school`s announcement for JAMB regularization deadline;
  2. JAMB Number;
  3. Name for the Jamb regularization;
  4. Direct entry closing date!

That`s all that you need to know about the JAMB regularization procedure 2018-2019! Just kindly follow the details and statement on this article; with this, you will have no issue with JAMB. You can share it!

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