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General newsJesus Christ |Appeared Catholic Church

Jesus Christ |Appeared Catholic Church

How ‘Jesus Christ’ Reportedly Appeared at Catholic Church in Makurdi

All roads in Benue State yesterday led to the Saint Augustine’s Catholic Church, Nenger, Markurdi as residents expressed anxiety to feed their eyes on the Jesus Christ-like image that appeared in the church during a special programme.Jesus Christ

According to the Telegraph, as scores of people, Christians and Muslims , men and women, young and old, trooped in from long distances as the news spread across the state ravaged by the Fulani herdsmen since the beginning of the year.

Witnesses said the image , which was a carbon copy of the structure of Christ when he rose from death after he was crucified and buried, had on its head a crown, while the entire body was glittering, like precious stone.

This according to the people is a confirmation of the provisions of the Holy Bible about the existence of Jesus Christ who came to the world and died for the redemption of sinners.

The church is located behind Government Model College , Makurdi , the state capital , where a bright image fell on the crucifix of Christ. It was learnt that the majority of people surging into the vicinity of the church came from Mslurdi community while others were from the 23 local government areas of the state.

They were all eager to see the image themselves. It was also learnt that many Christians and non – Christians alike, on sighting the image which was accompanied by a bright light that overwhelmed the entire church, moved close to it and placed their hands on it.

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They were shouting: “ Jesus save me,” “Jesus the son of God, have mercy on me.” One of the parishioners, Mr. Emmanuel Hembenkaan, told a correspondent that he was shocked when he saw the image. He said the image was seen in the church for the first time since the church was established.

Hembenkaan said the image appeared on Friday during a 3pm. prayer session known as “Divine Mercy.” When the news flittered into town on Sunday night, people rushed to the church yesterday.


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