Join The United State Army If You Are Not U.S Citizen

How To Join The United State Army If You Are Not A Citizen Of United State

Join The United State Army  – This will be an opportunity for lot of people if they know it can work out like this.

In this article you will be enlighten on how you can join United State Army if you are not a U. S citizen.

Furthermore, this article will solve the below puzzles

  • How to join us army for non citizen?
  • Please, can you join the military without a green card?
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  • Can you get your citizenship by joining the military?
  • Join us army without green card?
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  • Join us navy without green card?
  • us army application for foreigners?

What am trying to tell you is that you can join the U.S. army even if you are not an immigrant or citizen of the United State.

I know you are interested, and then just be happy I went in miles to get this post for you. The American military helps the non-citizen to join their military force as an enlisted soldier in a way you can meet up with specific legal immigration requirements. It just that I will disappoint you here that non-citizens cannot be a commissioned officers in the U.S military and they restricted from classified occupational specialties.

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Procedure To Follow On How To Apply For The United State Army Even Though You Are Not A Citizen Of United States

  1. You must be a legal or permanent residential living in the U.S with your work permit. If you have a business or tourist visa of the United States, this visa is not qualifying you for your application to join the United States army, the visa is just for business not for any application in the United States.
  2. If you are not a citizen and want to apply, you must meet up with their relevant requirement of both physical fitness and health issue.
  3. You must have a valid permanent residence card form i-551, this is also known as a green card or immigration cards. This will definitely prove you resident status. You must make sure your legal permanent resident status is established before you are been permitted to begin your formal military training.
  4. Immediately you are been verified, make sure you apply to join the enlisted ranks of the U.S. army.
  5. To become a commissioned U.S officer, you will have to go against you country citizenship and apply for the U.S. citizenship to be a legit and qualified member to become a commissioned army officer in the U.S. military.


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The system for American military accommodates all different of people from different country only if you meet up with their stipulated requirements. Now that have help you sort out your issue on how to join the U.S. army, please as long as you read also share this post

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