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Keep Accounts Safe -online security on how to keep your accounts safe.

Keep Accounts safe? Let’s face it! The worst thing that could happen to your online presence is hacking. With your security bleached, your privacy can be greatly compromised, causing untold damage to your assets and reputation. Nobody wants that to happen to them. Here are some of the most basic yet effective ways that you can use to keep your accounts safe.

  1. Change your passwords at least twice a month

    Altering your passwords regularity makes it hard for trackers to keep a dependable record of your online activities. People who tend to use the same passwords over a long time have a higher probability of getting having their accounts hacked.

  2. Use two factor authentications to keep your accounts safe.

    This simply means securing your account with a second option other than your password. This is commonly achieved in three ways:

  • An email confirmation from an alternative email address
  • A voice or text message to your mobile phone
  • An auto generated authentication code generated by your mobile device.

    Keep Accounts Safe |Online Security
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Two factor authentication the most secure way to keep your accounts safe. However, in the event that you lose your mobile phone, it may take several working days to access your account without the code.

  1. DO NOT remember passwords on public computers

    Cookies offer an option to save your password on the computer to be remembered next time you access that computer. While this may save time, it is NOT an ideal thing to do while using a public computer. If you intend to keep your accounts safe and private as they should be, always remember to opt out of this offer.

  2.  Use different passwords for different accounts to keep your accounts safe 

    While one password is easy to remember, it may lead to a great deal of damage if hackers master it. It is therefore advisable to have a special password for every account that you may have. This reduces the extent of damage in case of hacking.

  3. Manage all your passwords on one platform

    Tools such as com and are just a few of the passwords management platforms that help to keep your accounts safe. By listing all your accounts and their passwords in one central place, it becomes easy for you to log in from these platforms without having to enter a password every time you need to access any of your listed accounts.

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