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What is KosherNaira All About? KosherNaira is a Pyramid Scheme. You register and donate, then just go home and relax we will give u 4times of what you invest

Who Can Participate on

KosherNaira is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, Housewives or anyone who wish to earn money online. Take advantage of this, and stop wasting your precious time online.


Together we can beat recession and poverty, this is a journey to financial FREEDOM!!! KosherNaira is right there willing to empower you when you need it. Honestly speaking, we all know that’s a very rare circumstance. Most people we offer help to, turn their backs on us when we need help too. This is a community where we empower others and also get empowered so we can get financially liberated.

This is a direct payment platform where you donate and get 200% in less than 20days, No payment is made to a central payment system as opposed to other platforms where the system admin makes the sole decision of who to pay to, when to pay and how to pay members. KosherNaira is not a business, a company nor a corporation. KosherNaira is simply a funding platform built by some group of people for us to empower you. The aim is to improve the economy around us and make life better for everyone. No one will be oppressed any longer due to poverty. There are no refunds allowed. No funds are being held by the Administrator since all payments are sent directly from one member to the other. There are no products to market or sell on KosherNaira. No advertisement or marketing is mandatory, but you are very free to post about it and tell people about it. There is no e-wallet or minimum withdrawal on KosherNaira. In this sense, your money is not kept in a central system for any period of time. Payments are made directly to your bank account instantly and you can use your money immediately. There is no waiting period. Earn and start growing via empowerment by referring more members to join your squad. As you help them get empowered, you are also empowering yourself to the apex of the SQUAD.


The way it works: You start by registering, enter your bank account details(where you will receive money) then you click on Donate to make a donation with your spare money.then we will give you 200% whithin 20days , you will pay to Koshernaira account and submit your proof of payment on the portal. Your navros keep growing for three weeks, then you can make a request to get help where Koshernaira gives you 200% profit. For example, if you started with 5k, you will be getting 20k plus other bonuses if you qualify for any.

You can be making as much as ₦50,000 – ₦100,000 every month if you take a stand, You will get 200% of your donation within 20days

Don’t be left out

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