Laspotech Transcript Application & Document Verification

Laspotech Transcript And Document Verification Application Guide And Procedure (Lagos State Polytechnic)

Laspotech Transcript Application | This just a brief details and guidelines in submitting your transcript document online.  Here are steps you must follow in applying for the Lapotech transcript below for all candidates.

All candidates who graduated from Laspotech are advice to follow the process below so as to apply for the collection online, the process is just an easy step which you can follow and get it done within some minutes.

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Candidate Should Read This Article With Care And Follow The Procedure Step To Steps

  1. Before applying for Laspotech transcript, you will need to go through a little stress.
  2. By this you need to have an account with delta state university
  3. By registering with the school account before any process can be done.
  4. To register with the school account just follow this link
  5. In this link you have to fill a lot of details about yourself during the Laspotech Transcript application.
  6. A valid email address will be need which you can access immediately after the registration.
  7. I will advise you to create an email address if you don’t have any.
  8. Because a verification link will be sent to your email address for you to get your profile activated.
  9. But if you already have an account with school, please kindly log in to the school address by clicking on this link
  10. Here you will have to log In with your email address you used in registering for the school when gaining admission, also the password you create when creating the account, make sure you always remember your password you created.
  11. Now tap on log in.
  12. Now you have successfully login, at the top of the page, you will find transcript, tap on it where you will find order a transcript, view transcript orders.
  13. Tap on order a transcript where you have to choose the institution you are sending the transcript to.
  14. You will have to select the institution which you are sending it to such as: federal polytechnic, private university etc.
  15. Here your details will be brought out where you will have to put in you required document, matric number, the way your names are written on your institution will be filled. When you started at your institution will be filled and others details.
  16. Before moving to the next pages, make sure you click a small white box at the bottom after filling your details which states; I have read and accept the terms and condition of the policy.
  17. The next page is where you have to be more careful. Here you have to select the institution where you are sending your transcript to.
  18. Select the country you are sending it to, where you will select the area : institution in Nigeria, institution in Europe, institution in African , institution in Asia, institution in south America, institution in Oceania, institution, institution in UK , institution in USA and North America, etc.
  19. Select the country where the institution is located where the transcript will be sent to.
  20. Choose the educational institution you are sending the transcript.
  21. Manual courier delivery in Nigeria is 3weeks which is just the sum of N 33,510.00; the charges include your delivery and charges.
  22. At the last page will be asked the reason why you are sending the transcript: Employment, Credentials and Evaluations, Post Graduates Admission, Professional Membership Applications, Under Graduates Admissions.
  23. Enter you ref application number
  24. Click on next, if you wish to add another recipient you can add when you need get to the next page, but if you wish not to add, click on next.
  25. Now you are at the next page where you can make your payment with any currency. You can pay through US dollar, Euro, Naira, British Pounds Sterling. Select your payment type and proceed. With other currency you can also pay with Paypal
    account, direct bank deposit, please check your details correctly before making your payment.
  26. You can pay by logging in with your email address and password you use in logging in to Laspotech site OR select the payment type: Verve, Freedom card, Master Card, Verve™, and Verve™ Global. Now you have successfully completed your transcript process.

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For Laspotech Transcript Enquires

if you are confuse with any issue and have any difficulties you can chat them up, where you can see them at the bottom of the school site platform.

Please don’t give your cash to anyone to make payment for you, kindly do it yourself online or go directly to the school.



For more update and information please kindly sub scribe to the website. The more you learn, the more you gain. All the best for you.

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