– 100% Return Investment & 20Days Old now Paying..


REVIEW: – 100% Return Investment & 20Days Old now Paying.. – 100% Return Investment & 20Days Old now Paying.. – Liberty Funds is an online community that is provided to connect helping hands for greater achievement. Liberty funds allows you to donate any amount either 10,0000, 30,000, 50,000, 100,000 or 200,000 at registration and get 100% back on donation after 24 hours.

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  • - 100% Return Investment & 20Days Old now Paying..

Refer someone and get 5% of thier first donation. This is our way of rewarding people that make sure the platform get better to save and improve lifes.


The few of the millions testimony we can share.

“I join liberty fund on 14/1/2017, i was matched to pay within one hour of joining liberty and i get matched with two people that paid me after 6 hours. Long Live Liberty Funds ”
“First of all hands off to you guys for your effort for such a good and helping platform. Good work to the Liberty Funds. Great effort and you guys made me and my husband achieve our financial dream. Thank you”
“I joined liberty fund with a mind that the system will never pay me my donation but here i am today enjoying my 100% percent from all the 18 donations have made. Liberty Fund is everything to me.”

10,0000 for 20, 000

30,000 for 60, 000

50,000 for 100, 000

100,000 for 200, 000

200,000 for 400, 000

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IT IS A SCAM SITE NOW GUYS….. BEWARE! SEE PROOF BELOW: - 100% Return Investment & 20Days Old now Paying.. - 100% Return Investment & 20Days Old now Paying.. - 100% Return Investment & 20Days Old now Paying..


  1. Pls I made 12 days ago and the people DAT was paired to pay me non of them paid chinyere was terminated for not paying before time and john said he made payment three days ago and have drop in account till and dis morning have been trying to login no way pls admin help me out

  2. Why aren’t you guys paying anymore…..You started well by making sure everyone is satisfied and i introduced so many people in assuring them that their money was very safe but alas!you guys just stopped paying people!!!!!The time has been counting down now and its almost 14 days with no payment from anyone…..Another strategy you guys came up with that you thought we wont know is to give a second account that isn’t existing……the mobile number will never go through till the 10 hours given lapses…..Well done o…..Whatever a man sows,he shall reap!

  3. My name is Ernest ani my friends introduced me to this ponzi scheme ( I joined cus I av seing severally al of them collected money,but am surprised to see after I was marged 2 pay SME one which I did and was expecting 2 be paid by SME 1 else likewise,after my days elapse without merging SME 1 to pay me I started seing -1-2-3-4 up to 9days later I was disconnected entirely that I could not even log in when ever I tried to, the only thing I will see is( forbidding)even when my money has not being paid back to me all I ask is Mr Admin pls kindly reconnect me back cus my 50k is still ther and surpose to be merged for sme1 to pay me tnx.


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