MUST READ – Latest update about donation community – Latest update about donation community

We wrote about-about – Updates 14th Feb few days ago You can read more about the article here. We have been getting messages, alert on our server asking us of any update about a peer-to-peer donation ponzi scheme asking us what’s the issue with their latest

According to loopers last updates, we strongly believe that some members account are yet to be fixed because not all the members were affected though; but while those that were affected didn’t aware of the Data lost that loopers club experienced last few days.

On the note, we strongly advice all the loopers club members to stay calm. As a result of the lost data, some donations weren’t confirm and needs to be re-confirm by members. If you are affected, read this article here ASAP so that the system will going on smoothly. Also read What you have to do if you are affected

Happy Looping……………….


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