Loopersclub.com server hacked Updates for 15th February.

Loopersclub.com server hacked Updates for 15th February.

Here is an overview of the challenges we encountered yesterday and what we have done to solve the problems.

  1. We had an attack on our system. First, it slowed down our servers and then corrupted some of the data on the platform.
  2. Loopersclub.com  tried fixing the issues while the system was online but it proved quite impossible as thousands of users were trying to login at once.
  3. Loopersclub eventually put the system offline to enable us to fix the issues.
  4. We fixed the issues and brought the system back online.
  5. To recover the corrupted data, we asked users to update their profile with the details of the last payment they made between 7 am 11th Feb to 5 pm Monday 13th Feb
  6. More than 85% of users updated the correct information of the payments they made. Other users indicated that they have lost the data of people they made payments to.

The Way Forward

  1. We have unblocked all blocked accounts.
  2. Loopersclub ran a verification algorithm to verify all payment information provided by users. All those that matched our records have been added back to the queue and should receive their payments accordingly.
  3. Users who didn’t provide enough information about the payments they made would be sorted manually (This would take a few days).
  4. For users that didn’t update their accounts at all, we will release guidelines on how your account and money can be recovered.
  5. If you mistakenly looped due to fear of been blocked, you should go ahead and make the payment. Your previous loop would be paid as you have been added to the queue already.
  6. If you are seeing an information asking you to re-loop even when you have updated your payment information, Kindly ignore the message. you have been added to the queue and you will receive your payments accordingly.
  7. If you are not seeing the payment you made on your PO  but successfully and accurately updated your payment information, don’t panic you have been added to the queue and will be merged.
  8. Don’t panic you will never loose your money. We will do everything possible to sort out all the pending issues.

The Current Status of things

  1. Registration at Loopersclub is now open and merging has started. Kindly share the good news when you get paid.
  2.  The system is fully back and we have upgraded our security.
  3. There is no need to spread panic and fear as it simply would affect the system negatively.

Finally,  we want to thank all participants for their support and patience during these past few days. We will continue to be open in our communication with you!

+loopers day is coming!


Loopers Team.

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