Loopersclub.com Updates 14th Feb 2017 | Must Read!

Loopersclub.com – Updates 14th Feb 2017 | Must Read!

Kindly read the following updates carefully. It will answer most of the questions you have.

  1. Only users that made payments between 7am Saturday 11th February to 5pm Monday 13th February were affected.
  2. when you login, kindly update your profile, fill in the payment information of the last payment you made. Provide information like bank statement (or any genuine proof of payment) containing proof that you actually made the payment.
  3. The best way to get details of who you paid is to get your bank statement. 
  4. Your PO will not automatically be restored. We would verify the payments you updated and update accordingly. (Dot panic when you see information from two days back)
  5. There is no need to panic as all payments would be restored. don’t ask multiple questions via various channels so you don’t overwhelm the support team.
  6. If the system asks you to start a new loop even when you have paid, relax we will fix it and put you back on “WAITING TO BE MERGED”
  7. We have disabled user registration to enable us rectify these issues. User registration and margin will commence on Tuesday 14th Feb by 4pm.
  8. If you paid to a different account of a participant rather than the one he provided on the platform, be sure to provide his phone number and a stamped bank statement to prove you actually made the payment.
  9. If you don’t see the form,  kindly follow this link after you login to fill the form. Don’t fill the form twice.
  10. Finally, we apologize for the disruption in service. We hope to restore normalcy ASAP.We are fully committed to building a strong donation community but only you the participants can make it grow stronger. Don’t panic. Take a civic approach while laying your complaints.


Loopers Team

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