Make $$$ from Freelancing at Home

Make $$$ from Freelancing at Home

Freelancing | Make $$$ from Freelancing at Home  –  Freelancing is one of the easiest way to make money online. It actually involves leveraging on your acquired skill to make money online. Some Folks come online to search for some personnel that can help them to execute their job professionally just because they don’t have time.Make $$$ from Freelancing at Home

You have to pay attention to the following steps on how to make it big with freelancing..

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  • Choose a Market Niche for what you want to sell

The first thing you need to do as  freelancer is to get your niche ready. What is a niche? It is an area of specified market that are ready to buy your products or services. The more experience you gain in the freelancing world as an expert in a field, the more you need to be strategic about the types of clients you deal with. If you put yourself in your clients shoes and wanna decide to hire a sales man, would you hire a jack of all trade or a pro? A business owner will also prefer to hire a pro; that is why they use search engines like google and social media platforms like facebook and twitter to search out freelancers. Freelancing is all about choosing the right niche to specialize, and putting some branding effort to scale high as an expert in that niche.

  • Specify your service as a freelancer.

You should have Dos and don’ts in respect to the kind of jobs you will be offering and the ones you won’t consider at all. This will change the client’s mindset about you to be a professional in your field and will improve yourself a branding. Inotherwords, making decision on taking projects that aren’t getting you closer to your ultimate goal of becoming the best in your field, will only distract and delay you from making meaningful progress.

  • Re-define what you want your clients to look like

The vision and mindset on clients who you really want to work with should be on your mind on-before starting to search for clients.  If you know you want to market and grow the publicity of small brands online, why can’t you pick a specified niche like, copy sales writing, or content marketing on social media or helping clients to create a landing page.

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How to find good freelance clients online

The following points will guide you on how to find  good freelance clients online;

  • What type of business has the problems I’m solving with my services?
  • Can the business I want to work with afford to hire me?
  • What demographic trends can I identify about the decision makers in the types of businesses I’m targeting? Think: age, gender, geographic location, websites they frequent, and their personal interests.

With these questions above being answered, you now know the kind of market you want to go fully into. It will be easier for you to scale high and optimize the market to your full potential.

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  • Creating a Quality Portfolio website.

Creating a quality website that really shows what you are into as a professional freelancer is a plus to your portfolio. It builds your reputation, helps your personal branding and gives you the public awareness you need for your freelance service.

  • Don’t quit your day job, start freelancing first!!

It is not good to quit your job before starting your freelance job, sometimes you may not get enough jobs as you want from the on-set, also you may want to be selective on your type of clients which will also take time too.

  • Level Up Your Skills.

Don’t just sit down, improve your skills daily by reading books, watch videos, go to forums to learn the latest with your skills, check professional jobs from the seniors in your field and scale up.

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Go to sites like udemy, Lynda and skillshare to learn the latest. This is what will differentiate you from other freelancers in your niche and will make you No 1 in your Niche.

  • Be credible in your Niche.

Writing a book, creating online courses, podcasts can serve as credibility boosters to your portfolio, which will make you a potential expert in your niche

  • Pricing.

Make sure you are billing enough for the job. Customers don’t mind paying lot of dollars if only you can deliver a quality service.

  • Idealize Your Pitching.

Landing new clients isn’t simply a question of making a great freelance proposition. Your prosperity relies on upon how you’re choosing new occupations, how you position your incentivized offers, and how much research you do early.

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Base on research, people do win new gigs basically on the grounds that they obviously invested more energy and exertion into examining the organization, deciding their needs, and giving gigantic in advance an incentive as adroit proposals before they even talk about installment. In the realm of outsourcing, a lot of your prosperity will rely on the quality of your customer connections, and how well you’re ready to manufacture significant associations.

  • Write Guest Post on blogs

When you are starting on a much smaller scale, please don’t underestimate the immediate benefit of getting your content featured on blogs and publications that can drive hundreds or even thousands of new visitors to your website.

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In the lapse of less than one year, I’ve been able to get my posts published on Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider, HubSpot, and dozens more publications by creating extremely high quality content and leveraging my pitching abilities. This increased visibility has had a direct, positive impact on my business.

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