– Earn 5.1M with N5,000 through PonziGist Group Just Launch – Earn 5.1M with N5,000 through PonziGist Group – Earn 5.1M with N5,000 through PonziGist Group  –  Meriff is an online fundraising website perfect for individuals, groups & organizations! We know you have all loose your Hard Earn in one way or the other in Ponzi Programs. Us at Ponzigist have taking this upon ourselves to make sure members earn and smile especially Our Ponzigist Readers  & Group Members.

If program is not working, we won’t say it’s working. So just give this a chance and take it as a risk to see if something good will come from it or Not.

How to Join through Ponzigist Team

As we mentioned above, do not hesitate to give this a try. Yes, a try and See what PonziGist gat for you.

Follow the link below for your desire Links:



LOGIN - Earn 5.1M with N5,000 through PonziGist Group

Know More About

Meriff is a simple 3milestone platform that enable people from all works of life to be able to raise funds that will aid them in achieving their dreams. In Meriff we help you to start the machinery that will lead you to achieve any project you’ve set for yourself. It is also setup to provide a wealth creation platform for a variety of people anywhere they find themselves.

Steps Involve During Registration

Create Your Project

There’s no easier way to create your project and attract backers.

Back up

Support one participant project

Start Earning

Easily accept donations from your downlines, group or system spillover.


How It Works have built a perfect spillover system that helps you raise up N5million in just three milestones

  • Milestone 1

    BackUp someone project with 5,000 and four(4) people would backup your project with 5,000 each = 20,000

  • Milestone 2

    BackUp someone project with 10,000 and four(16) people would backup your project with 10,000 each = 160,000

  • Milestone 3

    BackUp someone project with 80,000 and four(64) people would backup your project with 80,000 each = 5,120,000

Enjoy the results & share your testmonies with family and friends

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