Microsoft OneNote |Note-Taking at a Higher Level

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Microsoft OneNote: Note-Taking at a Higher Level. The Microsoft OneNote is your digital notebook for capturing and organizing everything across devices. Keep track of meetings, jot down ideas from the web or just make your to-do-list. Microsoft OneNote is revolutionizing note taking experience in the globe.Microsoft OneNote

The Microsoft OneNote is the one of the best programs you are probably missing. It makes it easy for you to take notes on your device and works well in most operating systems; android, Mac, iOS and windows.

For your note taking tasks, OneNote helps keep it neat and tidy. Everything is stored in the cloud platform where you can access your info anywhere anytime.

The app is great as a productivity aide, with a lot of focus on typed and handwritten notes, audio recording and search tools. It is also well integrated in Microsoft office.

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How to get started with Microsoft OneNote.

In order to get started using the Microsoft OneNote, you will need to download and install it. Fortunately, the app is currently available in all the app stores. There is even a PC version for your desktop.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will need to sign in using your Microsoft account. If you do not have one, you can sign up and create in in seconds for free. Upon signing in, you will be served with some vital OneNote introductory tips. They are helpful in knowing how to make the most of the application.

Key Features of Microsoft OneNote

The overall design of this application is clearly delineated in the organizational format. It is quite like that for notebooks, tabs or even pages.

The top of each notebook features tabs representing sections. The various sections hold individual notes which are found on the right hand side of the individual sections.

It is also possible to attach successive notes per section. This serves to keep related items organized in a single list.

The structure of Microsoft OneNote is such that it divides up work tasks. This makes it easy to break down tasks into manageable portions.

It has a default tab called QuickNotes where all notes are saved. You can also clip pages from your browser directly to the OneNote app. It is possible to share notes with other users.

Versions of OneNote

As aforementioned, OneNote works well across various operating systems. The various platforms define versions of this application as follows:

  • OneNote for windows
  • OneNote for Mac
  • OneNote for iOS

OneNote for windows

This version has all the premium features. This version has an ink to math tool that allows users to write math equations. You can also embed other office files within this version.

It also has a personal and enterprise account. The app synchronizes both account thus making it easy for users to access them simultaneously. Download it here.

OneNote for Mac

This is the OS X version of the application. It is quite like the windows version, but has less features. Download it here.

OneNote for iOS

Like the windows version, the iOS version connects well both for the consumer and enterprise account. It is handy in taking notes at meetings or even during lectures. Download it here.

Plan and take notes with Microsoft OneNote. It organizes all your tasks neatly and is wonderfully convenient.

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