MTN Lumos – Cheap Eletricity with Solar Power

MTN Lumos – Cheap Eletricity with Solar Power

MTN Lumos – Cheap Eletricity with Solar Power  –  MTN Introduced a fast-growing energy solution  in Nigeria called MTN Lumos Solar Power which comprises of a single rooftop solar panel and a suitable-sized battery which can power small appliances at home such as; mobile phones, TV and fans using our nation’s abundant sunshine.MTN Lumos - Cheap Eletricity with Solar Power

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Why we Must use MTN Lumos Solar Power kit

  • With MTN Lumos you do not need any third party to install the kits for you. In this manner, I call it ”do-it-yourself kits”
  • MTN Lumos Solar power help us all in replacing candles, kerosene lighting and diesel generators that are costly and which also have health and safety risks.
  • MTN advertises the Lumos kits, sells them in its stores and provides customer service through its call center.
  • MTN Lumos - Cheap Eletricity with Solar Power

More Facts About MTN Lumos Solar Power kit

MTN Lumos Solar Power kit already prevalent in Kenya, Rwanda and India and its being sold in Nigeria by Lumos, a five-year-old startup based in the Netherlands. They cost about $75 upfront and then customers pay for the electricity they plan to use through pre-paid cash mobile phones, which have been revolutionizing commerce across Africa. No bank accounts or credit cards are required. Also Read:Liaison Office Addresses in Lagos

MTN Lumos works with mobile giant MTN and this was announced in December with total budget of $90 million, with $50 million coming from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a U.S. government agency. The investment doubled the world’s previous largest investment in off-grid solar energy sector, to Off Grid Electric.

How does MTN Lumos Solar Power kit Works?

  • The way the MTN Lumos Solar kit works is simple.
  • Lumos customers pay an initial fee their solar kit, which comes with a Chinese-manufactured, 80-watt solar panel and a yellow box that contains a battery device and eight sockets, as well as a satellite link.
  • MTN Lumos kits, which are light enough for an individual to carry home or on a motorcycle, come with instructions for mounting the panel on a rooftop.
  • As a customer, you can buy credit for electricity by sending a text message and the payment gets deducted from your account balance with the mobile operator. Once 1,500 days of use are paid for, the customer owns the kit and can get the power for free.

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