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How to activate Ntel Data Plans not opening Not Opening – This website is where most nTel data plans are activated. The website of nTel had been down for some time which lot of users and subscribers also WAWU don’t have link to get their data activated again.

Also the app which was created by myntel on Goggle playstore. Maybe yours is preferable from my own.

Now I will love to tell you can recharge your data from the myntel portal, subscribe also activate your data plans. Now it difficult to get the portal of nTel care, all process must be needed to get this done. Not Opening | About mynTel portal

This website has been lot of problem in getting for so long because there is no full assurance of the site. Because the site sometimes malfunctions, let forget about this. Check Out this Article; Ntel Data Plans & Price Details For Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Night

It sometime known as NTel network self care portal. Previously this website has different characters to make subscription for their users very easy.

On this site you can check your data balance, you can also try to subscribe to new data bundles, also the balance of your credit and lot more. Through then, this site was very easy to access without stress.

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In the old time, you will need to make payment through some platform. Some users make use of Quickteller then after try to call the staff of nTel to help them recharge.

Though you can get this step easy to get your nTel recharge also subscribe just like other network, just to consider the amount of big data for just fee of little amount. Those who subscribe to nTel WWAWU will try to understand my explanation. Not Opening | What will you do for your data subscription?

To get the full details of this, maybe you tried a way by accessing the portal which you find out that it not functioning. You get pissed off just because you pass through lot of stress to recharge and subscribe on nTel lines.

You also try to access the portal every time also every time then you found out nothing happened. Now it appear it under maintenance, check back soon, placeholder. You discover it doesn’t show any of this anymore but give you what you don’t really desire.

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It was stated from an individual that the company have problem with their gateway payment platform. Now don’t get confused now it not about the issue of the site but the payment of the site which will enables all subscribers to get their data activated. Don’t get me wrong. Not Opening | Step to subscribe to your nTel SIM

Now the portal for this site is not going, there are decisions which are present. Am serious with this, it work for me. The step of Quickteller have been tried, it not effective. Now you done with that, then I decided to contact their customer care number to try to activate WAWU data bundle for me.

But unfortunately it doesn’t work but it went twice but still they didn’t pick up. Then it took a while, then I listen and heard “Welcome, Thank you” But it seems they are lot of calls which they need to respond when I contact the customer service


What you need to do is to get connected to them on twitter @ntelcare also mention the option that you need to activate your data. When texting there care service follow the step below:

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  1. Put in your ntel number
  2. Then the data which you want to activate e.g. WAWU 12GB which is for ₦1,000
  3. Mention in the text that you need to activate this data which is very urgent. Make them get frustrated.
  4. To make this fast for them to activate try to tag the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) through your twitter so as to have evidence Not Opening | Step you can follow to request ntel data on twitter

“Hi good morning Ntel, there is an credit of ₦1000 on my WAWU line 08040100218. I will love to purchase the amount of ₦1000 for just 12GB data plan. Am so grateful @ntelng @ntelcare

-Babalola seyi (@ponzigst) December 20, 2018.

Be informed, f you are trying to contact them this doesn’t work. Although lot of people request have be responded to, but lot are still out there wont can’t get there data activated.

Since the subscription is not going what will I have to do and the portal is bad. There is someone who get mine done for me easily which I paid ₦7,500 for 112GB.

If you need to get yours done all you need to do is to contact me through the comment box to get your activated.

Alternatively, we did successfully subscribed to our Ntel Sim Line that we recharged through Quickteller portal and was success but not activated.

How To Activate Ntel Sim After Successful Payment 

if you had successfully subscribed to Your Ntel Sim either through any means or paylater app, Quickteller. What to do for activation is;

  • login to your Twitter Account
  • Search for @ntelcare or @Ntelng. These two are the Ntel Twitter Customer Care Hanle.
  • Write on their twitter wall or reply to any of their twitter posts and wait for 5-12hrs
  • Ntel care will reply you saying your line is successfully activated you can now browse!

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