N-Power October 2018 Stipends, The Enhancement & News Updates

N-Power October 2018 Stipends, The Enhancement & other Necessary Important Updates

The n-power october 2018 stipends and enhancement programme: it is going to benefits the minds of many beneficiaries as the october stipends payment date, enhancement programme for 2016 beneficiaries and other important issues have been discuss here in clear terms for your understanding. Kindly read with care and understand.

The October 2018 stipends will be paid on or before November 9th 2018. According to the N-Power Enhancement programme for 2018 interested applicant please read below to find out more.

N-Power Device For 2016 Beneficiaries

2016 N-power beneficiaries expecting the electronic devices should contact their state most important person for feedback. Make it mandatory to visit any MTN call centers to request for a device when no result has been found on any clear directives from us. The N-Power team will inform your state most important persons with MTN when request is been asked for it. There is assurance that all will receive their device? (N-Power October 2018 Stipends)

Npower 2016 Delayed Payment: Those Owed Backlogs

Make sure you take this important that All 2016 Npower beneficiaries who had send request to Npower through their support desk email address (customer care) must be given assurance that each backlogs will be paid. In the intervening period of time of those 2017 those who derive advantages in batch 2 of the payroll will also receive their August-October 2018 monthly stipend payment.

Npower 2016 Delayed Stipends: Those On Payment Hold

(N-Power October 2018 Stipends} People who derive advantages on payment-hold must assure to report to appropriate power to give order in their particular states and do a written documentation stating why they were not present at the time of the Npower assessment and monitoring team. Immediately you receive a result from them, and consider a specific way of satisfactory, you will be detached from untouch and your payments deliver to your bank account. Those who are deriving advantages that are later place on hold have started accepting their stipends.

Npower Build 2017: The N-Power Build Beneficiaries

At the start of 9th of August a meeting was held with N-Power Build Stakeholders for important conversation on various issues which deals with their welfare and it was indeed fruitful. We have since commenced the deployment of the N-power batch 1b since, Monday, July 30th.2018.

Exact Npower Build applicant must ensure that their programme is just a training guide and should take serious note to learn the practical aspect of their programme seriously. Regular monthly payments of N10, 000 is been acquired for payment to each applicant taking advantages until the end of their programme.

Make sure you take proper attention that a new set of N-Build application will be publish from November 5 – 16th 2018. They have feeling in what you need to know in those who are willing to apply for the application online on the N-Power website.


WHY SOME N-POWER 2017 BENEFICIARIES ARE YET TO BE PAID – The person taking activity of the business of the federal government social intervention scheme, N-Power have make it to be known to others why some 2017 applicant deriving for advantages of the scheme are yet to accept their stipends.

To make this clear, it is contained in a Facebook post on its official page on Monday, 22nd October.

It said some states are yet to forward in deployment plan, so preventing affected people deriving advantage from getting paid. “in other words, for some of the beneficiaries who still see the “available” icon on their portal, this is in a positive way that your particular state is yet to forward your deployment plan” be assured that the available icon will change to official registered member when all your data has been accepted and captured on the N-power data based and you will get your stipends. (N-Power October 2018 Stipends)


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Anyone that are yet to accept their stipends should be rest assured that the stipends were through in batches and that all N-power beneficiaries successfully enrolled will be paid.

FG PLANS SPECIAL “ENHANCED” PACKAGE FOR 2016 BENEFICIARIES federal government social investment program moving by the N-Power program has fund out a specific important of the improvement in quality plan for you the 2016 who explore in a new country deriving advantages of the program. “2016 beneficiaries will move to the next steps into an enhancement program as you proceed to give of your service and earn your monthly stipends”.

Meaning that even after the end of your programme by November 2018, you will still be receiving the monthly N30, 000 stipends paid earlier. You will be asked to enroll for the N-Power Enhancement programme to recover your details when the schedule is rolled out.

“The information of the N-Power ENHANCE will make your mind glows and calm, the same applicant mind glows and calm so as the N-Power ENHANCE will be. A multi-layered and multi-pronged plan will confirm the suggested answer all the questions that you have had over the past few months about what the future holds. Although, we all know the future is bright.

Please try to read this and share this information, you can also subscribe to get more information about N-power enhancement programme is about to kick off.

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