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217 Login – Eaarn 100% with NairaBundle Login – Eaarn 100% with NairaBundle – Naira Bundle was set up to help the Nigeirans get financial sponsorhips through P2P crowd funding. We urge all members to be act fairly, truthfully, be honest and polite to other community members. We have no intention of playing tricks on anyone. Note that there are no guaranties of return on investment, so only participate with your SPARE CASH. The system is driven and kept alive by the community and not the site administrators. However, we would do our best to ensure the system stays afloat and everyone is happy.

How to Register or Login on

Follow the following links:

Register Login - Eaarn 100% with NairaBundle Package Plans.

Below Package Plans are plans you can go for:


₦ 10000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • ₦ 20000

    Return Investment


₦ 25000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • ₦ 50000

    Return Investment


₦ 50000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • ₦ 100000

    Return Investment


₦ 100000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • ₦ 200000

    Return Investment Login – How It’s Works

Naira Bundle is strictly a P2P (Pair to Pair) payment system, you are paird to pay someone an amount based on the plan you chose. Two people in turn will be paired to pay you the same amount each, which gives you 100% increase on your initial payment. This not a business, this is not financial institution and Naira Circle has no crentral account which stores your money. There is no absolute guarantee on returns for your payment, hence we advice you use only your SPARE CASH. We urge everyone to be honest and fair in their dealings. We will immediately delete anyone suspected of foul play. [email protected] Login – Services Offers

Financial Freedom

Who says you have to work for 30 years to be financially free. We offer a chance to make quick cash by taking the adequate amount of risk. Earn money the easy way.

Active Support

We provide an active support team that will look into any problems or reported fraudulent members. Always available 24/7 for the life circle of the site

Customer Focus

This platform is built with an emphasis and focus on the users, to ensure that each member has a good experience as much as is possible.


We would do our best to continue to improve this system and platform, ensuring that we evolve to tackle the the problems often associated with crowd funding



Lets Keep the Naira Circle Revolving!!!



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