Nairaland | Nairaland News, Nairaland Forum

Nairaland | Nairaland News, Nairaland Forum

Nairaland Forum is very popular. Nairaland Forum is among the top 10 websites in Nigeria. Nairaland News forum gives the latest news on diverse of categories that one can explore such as; Business forum, Romance, Crime, Politics, Culture, Religion, Properties, Food and many other topics.Nairaland | Nairaland News, Nairaland Forum

There you will be able not only to ask the needed question you have in mind and to find the answer to it but also to give advice to other users and to discuss last events together with them.  In this article, you are going to learn how to explore different categories, like how to comment, how to Post and much more! Also, read article; How to mine Bitcoin for sure

How to Participate in Nairaland Forum News Update

Before you can participate on the site, you must own or be a member of the forum. Follow below to become a member.

  1. First, you must have an account to participate on Nairaland, Click here to do so.
  2. Verify your details and you good!
  3. Then Login to explore. Now that you have an account already, then read on!

How to Comment on Nairaland Forum

This will be explained in details because we believe some of us can do this and while others don’t. To comment on Nairaland Forum News, just follow below: Also, read article; How to withdraw, receive fund with Nigeria Paypal

  1. As its seen below, immediately you visit Nairaland Forum here you will see the different update on the site, but to comment on any of your interest, click on that topic first.Nairaland | Nairaland News, Nairaland Forum
  2. You will see all the updates about that topic then scroll to the bottom of the contents and click Comment/Reply;Nairaland | Nairaland News, Nairaland Forum

That is all about How to Comment or Reply on Nairaland Forum site.


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How to Create Post on Nairaland Forum News

This is very much the interesting part about Nairaland News, thousands of people want to create post or article while other thousands have already created posts on Nairaland forum. But some people can’t understand how it is necessary to create a subject at this forum because in creating a new post with your website links, gives your site backlink and by so doing your site gets reputable rank on Alexa SEO ranking.
In below explanations, you will be able to learn an easy and clear way how to create a subject for the new post at the forum, you will need Opera Mini or UC or any browser on your Mobile phones or PC, which can keep the password for an entrance in the site. Also, read the article; watch free movies online
  1. Visit the site link here
  2. Enter the forum dot com URL in your browser
  3. Make sure that you have registered at the forum (or do the registration here),
  4. You will see various categories like Politics, Programming etc as seen in the image below;Nairaland | Nairaland News, Nairaland Forum
  5. Click on the category of your choice. Let choose Programming for explanation purpose
  6. You will see all Posts under that categoryNairaland | Nairaland News, Nairaland Forum
  7. At the top, click “Create New Topic”
  8. Filling in all the obligatory fields like Subject of the Post, Post content and “Click Submit” to save (post) it to the public access.Nairaland | Nairaland News, Nairaland Forum
Note: You have to be a registered user of Nairaland and you shouldn’t create inadmissible advertising as it will limit or cancel your access to the site forever!
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