– With 1Link & 3k you Earn 72,900,000 – With 1Link & 3k you Earn 72,900,000 – With 1Link & 3k you Earn 72,900,000  – Is A New Revolutionary Members System Era Using A One-Link Idealogy To Work Together For Faster Earning. This Provide Fast Result For Every Member Who Belongs To The System. Nairaunited Uses Three Ratio Four (3:4) Spillover Force Matrix Of One-Link Idealogy. - With 1Link & 3k you Earn 72,900,000

Technique Of & How its works;

3 X 4 Uprate Profit System.

This Is Based On The Facts That Everyone Just Needs 3 Person Each To Start-Up From Level One. But With The Help Of One-Link Spillover Structure Of Our System, You Might Possibly Get Your First 3 People To Start-Up Quickly And Get Paid, You Might Automatically Get Your First 3 Person Under Your Level One, Because Of The Teamwork From Your Uplines.

But If You Can Also Get 3 Person Faster, It Will Still Be On The Teamwork And Any Other Person You Bring Will Spillover To Your Downlines And Also Increase You To Step Up To Another Level With Speed. Uses Bank Account As Means Of Payment, Each Member Needs Bank Account To Receive Money With.

You Can Still Do Online Transfer To Each Other From Bank To Bank Transfer.

After A Member Made The Voluntery Entry Contribution, The Receiver Needs To Click On Confirmation Link Of Receiving Payment To Activate The Downline To Become Active Membership Of The Nairaunited Community.

All Payments Will Be Updated On The Dashboard.  Team Chart - With 1Link & 3k you Earn 72,900,000

0 YOU 3,000
1 0 9,000 4,500
2 9 40,500 10,000
3 27 270,000 60,000
4 81 4,860,000 300,000
5 243 72,900,000

You Voluntarily Give N3,000 Naira To Your Upline(Sponsor) And You Earn N3,000 Naira Each From 3 Person That The Team/You Will Place Under Your Level 1.

N3000 X 3 =N9000. And You Give N4,500 To Automate Sponsor To Step To Level 2. N4500 Naira Will Be Donated To You By 9 Person From Level 2.

N4500 X 9= N40500. From The N40500, You Will Be Required To Donate N10,000 Naira To Another Automate Sponsor To Step Up To Level 3. And You Will Receive N10,000 Naira From 27 Person

N10000 X 27=N270,000. From The N270,000, You Will Be Required To Donate N60,000 To Another Automate Sponsor To Step Up To Level 4. And You Will Receive N60,000 Naira From 81 Person From The Community.

N60,000 X 81= N4,860,000. From The N4,860,000, You Will Be Required To Donate N300,000 To Another Automate Sponsor To Step Up To Level 5. And You Will Receive N300,000 Naira From 243 Person From The Community.

Other Benefits  Offer


With just a One Time Donation of N3,000 only, you are activated into this stage which puts you on your way to earning up to 72 Million through our 3:5 Spillover Matrix System without doing much work.
Note: This Package is has started.


Donate N10,000 and receive N20,000 This stage is the most powerful stage ever seen. This is not like every other program you might have come across, there are rules to participate on this stage.
First rule is to be an active member on stage1 level1.
Other rules for this will be unveiled to the community. Coming soon


Naira United Money Back Program is the dynamic stage for those who can spend 30-60 minutes of their time online daily. You have 50% to 100% insurance of your money

    • 30% – 100% of NUMBP..
    • Access to loan –
      minimum: $50 and
      maximum: $800 (for stage 3 members only)
    • Access to our unlimited streams of income
    • Get our direct screenshot of NUMBP
    • Free access to our educational sector

Coming Soon


This stage is open for everyone who would want to earn weekly and monthly income.
Our focus is to have a community that can take care of members’ needs financially.

    • Projecting $100 – $250 weekly
    • Projecting $1,050 monthly
    • Empowerment program

Coming soon??.

Coming Soon

What are you waiting for? Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

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