Naracle ; Register on with just N1,500 and get N40,000

Register on – Naracle, Register & Login

This is a new Ponzi scheme and can accommodate a small amount of money and the money can within some days matured into thousands.

Naracle has commenced the registration properly by stating all the necessary features that will improve the payment of members.

Www.Naracle-Ng.Com will be live 24/7 as the registration process continues. You can access this site with your browser.

Currently, Naracle has some features that makes it look real, below are the features:

Dashboard: this is a page that shows all your details and you can easily detect any fault in this area.

Earnings: your earning details will be here because it shows how your transaction history will be or will look like. In this place, you are to know if your payment is pending or approved.

Sponsor: your sponsor is the person that you will make your payment for the activation of your account.

Your sponsor can be a male or a female. You will be given only 12 hours to make your payment to your sponsor and default of the time may result to de-activation of your account with immediate effect.

Don’t forget that your sponsor information including their contact address and their bank details will be available for the possible transaction.

Down liners: your downline is your direct referrals. They are those that register through your referral link. Naracle registration is done through referral link.

Profile: this is where all your registration details is reveal. Your name, contact address or phone number, email and account information are all in this place.

Account Settings: this is where you make the necessary adjustment in your details. Any mistake you make will be corrected in this place and any unnecessary change is done in this place.

Upgrade: upgrading is very necessary because it will make you to earn higher in this platform. Naracle has 6 level and each of the level is available.

How to upgrade

Four persons will pay you 1500 in your level one to get 6000

16 persons will pay your 2500 in your level two to get 40,000 and so on.

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