New Cars To Avoid-2016

 List of New Cars To Avoid.

New cars just aren’t what they used to be. No, we’re not getting all crotchety and decrying the evolution in styling and technological breakthroughs that have literally reinvented the automobile during the last quarter millennium. Rather, we’re bemoaning the fact that, unlike as in past model years. There’s a dearth of truly wretched cars on the market for us to openly and readily ridicule. ALSO READ–Engineer growth mobile apps.New Cars To Avoid

We consulted J.D. Power for the latest results in the company’s initial quality and long-term reliability surveys and its scores for performance and design. Rankings for resale value depreciation came from the automotive valuation experts at ALG. Finally, we weighed in with no less an expert source than Consumer Reports to check which models received particularly paltry scores for performance and overall value. ALSO READ–how to mange 403 forbidden error wordpress.

New Cars To Avoid

Easy parking is arguably this two-passenger micro-car’s only virtue. It gets decent fuel economy but any savings at the pump are negated by the car’s need for premium-grade fuel. While the ForTwo is reasonably affordable. It’s rated below average for depreciation. It’s also among Consumer Reports’ lowest-scoring new cars. CR slams the unfortunate ForTwo on the basis of its “tiny, two-passenger cabin, a herky-jerky transmission and an under-powered engine,” going so far as to call the Smart, “a dumb choice.” ALSO READ–Engineer growth mobile apps.

New Cars To AvoidScion iQ.

The eccentric iQ is a micro-sized two-door hatchback with oddly aligned seating that’s said to accommodate three adults and one small child. Though it’s best driven solo, if at all. It gets below average ratings across the board for residual value from ALG and initial quality, performance and reliability from J.D. Power. It’s also among Consumer Reports’ lowest rated cars (to quote CR: “The rear seat is awful, the cabin is loud and acceleration is molasses-like”).

New Cars To AvoidNissan Titan.

Long in need of a refresh, Nissan’s full-size pickup truck tends to be also-ran in an intensely brand-loyal segment. It’s handily outclassed by entries from Chevrolet/GMC, Ford and Ram, and to a lesser degree, Toyota. The Titan is rated both below average in residual value from ALG and in performance from J.D. Power. It’s also noted as being among Consumer Reports’ worst values. ALSO READ- maximize online sales leads.

New Cars To AvoidNissan Armada.

Nissan’s large and lumbering SUV is based on the Titan full-size truck and while it’s roomy and capable of towing a decent-sized boat. It’s a handful to drive with a bouncy ride and heavy handling. The Armada gets low marks from J.D. Power for initial quality and reliability. And garners among the lowest overall scores from Consumer Reports. According to CR, “its overall fuel economy of 13 mpg is abysmal, reliability is poor and ownership costs are the worst in the category.”ALSO READ–Engineer growth mobile apps.

New Cars To AvoidMitsubishi Mirage.

Widely panned, Mitsubishi’s return to the subcompact car market provides affordable transportation and little more. It falls short in so many regards. None the least of which is sluggish acceleration from its 74-horsepower three-cylinder engine. Not only does J.D. Power give it below average marks for performance. It’s among Consumer Reports’ lowest scoring models.  ALSO READ–Engineer growth mobile apps.



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