Nigeria Paypal Account – Create & Verify Nigeria Paypal Account

Nigeria Paypal Account – Ways You Need To Follow To Create And Verify Nigeria Paypal Account – These organizations have been for long, it is located at San Jose, California, it was established in 1998.

Also one of the uncomplicated steps of making payment it also where you can be paid online. It enables everyone to make payment in lot of way which they decide, as part through credits cards, bank accounts, PayPal smart connect or account balances, in absence of splitting business information.

This has become a worldwide boss in all online payment solutions among more than 203 million accounts in the global.

Moreover, this has been available in 202 countries and also among 25 currencies around the universe. This authorizes the world online business transaction through making payment achieved covering a lot of locations, currencies and languages.

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This organization has accepted additional 20 awards for quality of their work from the internet industry and the business cooperation.

Nearly 2006 webby award was given to the organization for its economic service site also the 2006 webby people’s voice award for top financial services site. Now I will try to give you steps you need to follow in creating and verifying Nigerian PayPal account.

Ways To Follow to Create And Verify Nigeria Paypal Account

  1. What you need to know is to go to their website by clicking this link
  2. Tap on the sign up box
  3. Now, choose either personal o business
  4. Please make sure you know that personal is for your personal debit card, while for business is for your company debit card. This only if you have a company
  5. Now you are done with this, tap continue, you will find Nigeria; this is automatically done depending on the country you are registering from, put in your email address.
  6. Put in your email address, if you don’t have a valid email address please kindly create one, don’t use another person email, this is personal.
  7. Create a new password, please make sure you put in a password which you will remember easily, make sure you password is known to you.
  8. Move forward to the next step and fill in other information will you have to put in correctly, this include your:

. Name

. Date of birth

. Home address

. Phone number

  1. Please ensure that the home address you are filling tally with the home address you use in registering when opening your bank account.
  2. You will be directed to a page where you will have to put in your debit card information.
  3. Put in your card number, this is the number which is the front of your card i.e. 123456789012, put in the expiry date this is written on the card like this 01/11, put in your bank CVV number, this is the number which is placed at the back of your debit card i.e. 347
  4. You will be sent a message into your email address, log in to your email address and tap on the message, now you have open the message, tap on verify to get your account activated completely.
  5. Congratulation, your account have been open.

Tip To Follow In Linking Your Credit Card To Created And Verify Nigeria Paypal Account

  1. Just log in to your PayPal account making use of your password and token.
  2. Select the PayPal wallet which is shown in the platform and tap create PayPal wallet at the bottom page.
  3. Tap on the cards which you desire to attach your PayPal account also card will be the standard card. Make you use a single card for simple restoration.
  4. Tap on the button selecting the online token to confirm stage by stage.
  5. Try to create password immediately you see a message which come across the screen.
  6. Tap on agree and create account.
  7. Log in to your email account also with the bank that approved you created a PayPal account.
  8. Wow, all the process has been completed.

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