Nigerian Graduate turns Roadside MamaPut


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Nigerian Graduate turns Roadside MamaPut

Nigerian Graduate turns Roadside Mama – In the wake of scanning for greener fields in another man’s territory, a Nigerian graduate was deported from South Africa.Nigerian Graduate turns Roadside MamaPut

The graduate who was known as Chijioke was deported yet in a bit of destiny the young fellow who had nothing when he got back is presently an effective roadside sustenance seller as he feeds around 250 to 30 individuals day by day. Also read how to make 53btc within a month

According to a Facebook client, Timothy Motivator Ofoegbu, who posted the information on his facebook wall, he posted the person’s photo with the inscription:

“GRADUATE MALE COOK and MAMA PUT… Recently, we stoped at Ihiala at Anambra state to eat. We were coordinated to an open mini eatery inside the transportation park. To my most extreme astound, the cook and administrator is a male graduate called ‘NWA SOUTH’. His genuine name is Chijioke.
The nourishment was yummy, scrumptious and very much served. I was number 17 to be served and he served more than 10 more individuals while I eat.
Least cost was 200 naira. He let me know he served somewhere around 250 and 300 individuals consistently.

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Nigerian Graduate turns Roadside MamaPut
Nigerian graduate, Chijioke who was deported from South Africa

He is called Nwa South since he was expelled from South Africa. Rather than interminable hunt of slippery employments, he transformed his cooking enthusiasm into business and he is currently grinning to the bank. Leave your solace and gripe zone this year and begin something that will procure you day by day or month to month pay.”


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