Nigerian Navy | How To Join Nigerian Navy

Nigerian Navy | How To Join Nigerian Navy

Nigerian Navy | How To Join Nigerian Navy – The most profitable job opportunities in Nigeria are joining the Nigerian navy. All seasons in Nigeria, lot of people always wish they get full update about registration on the Nigerian navy form. Also lots of people always apply. The painful part is that, the more people who apply for this form, the less people will be picked.

Don’t be surprised by this, everything in this world have a reason, reason are attached to this that caused disqualification, you can’t assume that millions of people who apply will also be the million people who will be chosen, it not possible. Research has been done why this is always done, also the cause which most people got disqualified.

I will love to share with you what you need to do before applying for the Nigerian navy form, this is very important so as not to get disqualified again.

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You get bothered that why is this not information passed to you before applying for the form. Make sure you read this post properly and get all document ready before the next form will be released out next year.

What you need before you apply for the Nigerian navy form. List will be stated below; please what will be stated here is the main reason, in all season, little adjustment is sometimes made. Likewise they maybe additional details added to this, make sure you have it in mind that you get all this ready for the Nigerian army, also for the Nigerian navy recruitment exercise.

 What You Need To Become Nigerian Navy

This had been lot of people dream in becoming this, now make sure you have all this necessary.

  1. make sure you are from Nigerian
  2. make sure your health status is excellent, mentally, physically.
  3. make sure you are up to 18-24 years, this sometimes change.
  4. Your height must be of 1.7m this is for men, while for women 1.67m
  5. make sure you pass the medical test.
  6. make sure you have the following qualification such as: WAEC, GCE, and OND, make sure you have a good grades in all this.
  7. make sure you have not been involved in any crime.

Steps To Follow In Joining The Nigeria Army

Form for Nigeria army has close for this year on 14th of November, immediately the portal is accessible, just follow these steps:

  1. visit their official website when you visit this site, at the top page you will find JOIN THE NAVY, click on this, you will be directed to the next page.
  2. Here you will have to purchase a voucher; you will get this done on this same site.
  3. Now you have purchase the voucher, go back to the navy site, your card serial number is your username also your card pin is the password.
  4. Now this is done, put in all your required details needed in the Nigerian navy site correctly online.
  5. When you are done with this and you have checked carefully, tap on submit, print out your submitted form.
  6. notification will be sent to you though your registered email address which you tender when registering for Nigerian navy, please make sure you don’t use third party email address, it important, you will be sent date and time also center where your recruitment center is located.
  7. If your location is far from your destination, leave your place a day before the exam an also get this following available:
  8. your birth certificate
  9. Your parent consent form

iii. Bring at least 4-5 recent passports.

  1. Your local government identification
  2. your educational certificates which you acquire.

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Keep on praying you get selected among the lucky people till the list will be released.

Now with this i think you are opened up on what will make you lucky in applying for the Nigerian army, if you don’t meet up with any of this, please don’t apply.

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