NYSC Batch B Stream II 2019 Green Card Printing | Call Up Number

NYSC Batch B Stream II 2019 Green Card Printing | IIsGreen Card Ready For Printing | When will my Call Up Number show

NYSC Batch B Stream II 2019 Green Card Printing, Date, when and how to print Green Card is demonstrated in here in details. The question has been when will NYSC Batch C Call Up Number show up?  Most prospective corps members are indeed expecting to see their Call Up Number for some important purposes’. This post will guide you on when will your NYSC Batch B Stream II 2019 Green Card will show or come up. Also, when to print your green card and how to print it. This article will serve as a guideline and help you spend less during your NYSC Preparation.

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Some of the NYSC Corps members asked what NYSC Green Card is all about? The simple description of what NYSC Green Card is all about is stated mentioned below.

What is NYSC Green Card All About?

Green Card is part of the documents required to be printed after successful registration before going to the NYSC Camp. However, NYSC Batch B Stream II Green Card it’s a document that contains your Full Details of what you filled during the NYSC batch B registration. The NYSC Green card also contains your NYSC Call Up Number. It comes up sometimes immediately after successful registration or a few days after your registration. It appears in the format like this; Call-Up No.: NYSC/UPP/2018/1985 ^^^^^^ Blah Blah…

Why is my Call Up Number not showing in My NYSC Dashboard?

NYSC Batch B Stream II 2019 Green Card Printing | Call Up NumberThere are some factors that could affect NYSC Call Up Number Not showing in your NYSC Dashboard.

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  • Your Call Up Number will not show if you did not make payment Online or pay via the designated Banks during the NYSC Batch B online registration.
  • There are too many prospective corps members that are presently lacking or registering the same time with you causing Jam. So, in this case, you have to wait for some days.

What to do if my Call Up Number is not showing online

If your Call Up Number is not showing online, kindly go to your School and collect your NYSC Call Up Number ie. For candidates that paid maybe through designated banks.

Note: It is advisable to pay for your NYSC Green Card Call up Letter online so as to get your NYSC Green Card Print Out.

But if you had made your payment online, kindly go online and print your Call Up Number by following the steps below.

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Date and when to Print NYSC Batch B Stream II 2019 Green Card

Printing of Green Card starts a few days after your successful registration. Most at times, you will be notified via email or SMS by NYSC that your Green Card is ready. You can as well keep checking your portal using the steps below:

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Steps on How to Print NYSC Batch C Green Card to see your Call Up Number

  • Visit NYSC portal via Also read here
  • Login with your registered email address and password – the one you used during the online registration
  • Click on ‘Print’ link to print your Green Card. N/B the call-up letter is in PDF format, ensure you have a PDF software reader on your device/computer.

When will I print my Call Up Letter for Batch B Stream II 2019

To print your Call Up Letter, Click Here

When is NYSC Batch B 2019 Stream II Leaving for Orientation Camp?

Click Here to see when NYSC Batch B 2019 Call Up Letter Printing

Click Here to see All NYSC State Allowance – Current allowee fee

How to Print NYSC Batch B Green Card 2019-2020 for Batch B Stream II?

Printing of NYSC Batch B 2019 Green Card could be an issue to so many candidates. Because this reason, we have put out steps on how to Print NYSC Batch B Green Card 2019/2020:

  1. Visit NYSC Dashboard portal here
  2. Click on the login button
  3. Supply your email and password used during registration
  4. Then click on the login
  5. There will be a popup, close it and you will see
  6. ‘’Print’’, click on it a pdf document will download


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That is your NYSC batch, B Stream II Green Card

Comment below if you have any question

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