NYSC Biometric Capture 32-Bit | Install NYSC Biometrics Client 64-Bit

How To Fix NYSC Biometric Capture |  How To Install NYSC Biometrics Client

NYSC Biometric Capture Download – As we all know that NYSC 2017 Batch B Registration is at the corner, in fact; the NYSC Batch B 2017 Registration is remaining 24hrs from now and most of the prospective members are already waiting for the NYSC Registration countdown. Some of the prospective corps’ members can’t wait longer to register.

NYSC Biometric Capture | Install NYSC Biometrics Client
NYSC Biometric Capture | Install NYSC Biometrics Client



For the NYSC registration to be carryout successfully, those doing the registration will need to install NYSC Java software, follow by the NYSC Biometric capture software.

How to install NYSC biometric client | NYSC Biometric Capture Requirements

Formally, NYSC used a web-based biometric capture method for registration and during that time issues arise anytime registration commences. All the Cafe attendants, prospective corps members are now happy because of the new innovation known as the NYSC Offline registration software that was introduced last year.

These requirements are of no use before now; not until when the NYSC body received a high level of complaints by prospective corps members that they were not able to capture their biometric fingerprints. In spite of this complaint, NYSC has finally decided to introduce NYSC Fingerprint Capture software, and this NYSC thumbprint software or the NYSC biometric software which can be used without visiting any browser unlike the formal way of NYSC registration.

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However, in this post, we will discuss the following asked questions: NYSC Java Download, NYSC Biometric capture download, NYSC Thumbprint download, or NYSC biometric client download.

Having mentioned the above-asked questions; the NYSC fingerprint capture error normally encountered could be resolved only if the steps here are following strictly.

How To Download NYSC Java Software

Before we begin, NYSC Java download is compulsorily needed on the PC or Desktop Computer before the download NYSC Biometric capture client can be successfully used. The NYSC java download is part of the system requirements which has finally resolved those issues encountered by the Prospective corps’ members during their registration. The solution here will be helpful to those agents that are registering NYSC and also the café attendants.

NYSC Java download software is known to be that name because it has to be part of system/PC, Desktop software requirements but it is known to be (Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5). This software solves NYSC finger biometric error & enable digital personal fingerprint scanner to be successfully installed too. To have this downloaded; follow these steps:

  1. Visit WAEC site https://registration.waecdirect.org or ;
  2. Visit here and click on the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 [MIRROR 1] [MIRROR 2]
  3. Must download the Real NYSC Java software here. note: choose system type either x64bit or x32bit
  4. The Net framework link above works with System 64bit & system 32bit
  5. Click on download
  6. After download, click on install
  7. Second Part: Download NYSC Java Run time software. else it won’t work. Choose your system type. DOWNLOAD HERE

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Note: The internet may be re needed during the framework installation else if unsuccessful, the NYSC fingerprint biometric software may not work perfectly.

How To Download Digital Persona Fingerprint Scanner Driver

The digital persona scanner has been the approved fingerprint scanner device usually use for WAEC registration and Jamb Registration. NYSC also recommend this device for the registration. Try to use this device for the NYSC 2017 Batch B registration.

Since we have downloaded the NYSC java software then the next action to take is to go ahead with the digital persona fingerprint scanner driver. Follow the guide below to get it done!

As mentioned earlier, adhere to the steps here will help. So, download the digital persona fingerprint scanner driver HERE. You need to download the DIGITAL Persona Scanner’s driver depending on if your machine if is 32 bit or 64 bit Then install and restart immediately.


how to install NYSC biometric client | Install NYSC Biometrics Client Step Two:

Immediately the software is installed and the PC is restarted, then plug in the device to see if it has successfully installed.


Note: blue light will pop-up immediately the device is connected and ready to use. If the case is otherwise, then restarted the process over again


How to Install NYSC Biometric Client for Windows

This is the main – main NYSC thumbprint software that resolved the previously used web-based method which has many issues.

To install NYSC Biometric Client for Windows, simply follow the steps below;

  • Visit NYSC Biometric client link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5kf0kE1pZ9ZMW9aY3UxNzE0dWc/view. (x64bit) & https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5kf0kE1pZ9ZUU95THhoeXk3djg/view?usp=sharing (x32bit) Install this first!
  • Click on download and Install the Pre-requisites biometric driver for your operating system
  • Above is the first installer, Must Download the second installer before the NYSC Biometric software pop up. Download Second here Now
  • Always choose between 32-bit Installation or 64-bit Installation above.
  • To know the type of bit your PC is based on; right click on my computer and click on properties. The system bit will display.
  • Then click on ‘’install’’ to download the ‘’setup.exe file’’. Right-click to run the downloaded file on your PC and follow the installation guide to the end. After successful installation;
  • Reboot Your PC.


Note: Before you go for the Biometric capture for any prospective members, must, first of all, create an account and register those corps’ members then the NYSC thumbprint software can only be used for biometric capture only, after which you proceed to browser to complete the registration.


If all the steps were followed accurately-correctly, you should see a new icon on your desktop with the NYSC official logo, name NYSC Biometric Capture.

To capture any candidates, double click on this icon to launch the software and start using it.

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Drop your comments below if you have any difficulty solving this or any related issues with your UareU Digital Persona Scanner

18 thoughts on “NYSC Biometric Capture 32-Bit | Install NYSC Biometrics Client 64-Bit”

  1. Manniru Musa Abdullahi

    The why my NYSC biometrics client software is good but up to date we have a problem with photograph because if we snap the picture the computer is telling me NYSC biometrics and photograph capture client has stopped working and up to this time many corp members are coming for the registration but the software refused to snap the picture and if I browse from the scanner it is tilling the the picture donot meet the specification after we see from the site that any picture most be between 10 to 15kb So and I want know that if I scan the picture what are the specific kilobyte it requred. Thanks

    1. what is the issue? Formally everyone had issue with photograph but now the nysc updated the biometric software and everyone can scan and upload photograph instaed of the formal capturing

      1. The photograph that I captured through the Client does not conform to requirement (bend, part of the head not showing)
        I need to upload another photograph now. there is no button for photograph upload.

        Sample: like signature (you will attach and click the upload button)

        No upload button for photograph.

        Please what is the way out OR I can use the picture that way?

        1. @Adeyemi

          If we can get you right?
          you mean you have uploaded bent picture and you wanna change it?
          if that is the case, you can’t change it again ok. just continue registration like that.
          NYSC will send text messgae to the affected corps’ member to recpature then you can reopload new picture ok

          1. The member will get text message that the picture captured is disaproved. Go back online to re-upload.

            tell the person to come back immediately he/she got that message ok

  2. @Musa
    It is very simple to scan and browse the picture.
    What you have to do is; the picture must be white background and after scanned, open with microsoft office jpg image editor.
    Brighten the image a bit by clicking on edit picture at above menu and by the right side, you will seebrightness to brighten it a bit when you are done, click on edit picture again to see compress picture. click on the compress picture and choose email messages and press ok

    save the picture and do the nysc browse picture again.

    it will meet specification

    1. It is easy to get. If you reside in lagos, go to computer village at Ikeja. request for Digital Persona scanner because it is the recommended scanner. Or visit any Electronic Shops in your area to get it

  3. I have follow your step by step on how to insall Nysc Bicmetric capture, but all my effort is abortive, I am having issue on thump print on the Digital persona scanner and the finger print reader is the recommended version U.are U 4500.

  4. The picture uploaded well and only the POP of the thump print is the issue am having right now.
    Kindly guide me on way forward. please

  5. Oh sorry, I am using desktop window 8, system type: 64 bit operating system, x64 based.
    I when through the Nysc portal from their I click on Biometric Capture and I follow the procedure to install Java 8 (jre 8u231 window x64 exe.), then I install the digital biometric fringerprint reader 4500 which was recommended for the fingerprint reboot my system and I install the Nysc Biometric capture and login with my email address which was pop to the capturing, I uploaded the capture photo which is successful and I connect the Digital presona fingerprint to thump print.

    1. Is the Thumbprinting Machine light on?
      If yes, next question is: is the light blinking when fingers were placed on it?

      If yes, then you need to reinstall and follow the steps again. Uninstall all software installed.

      If no, then you need to reload your window and either install win10 or win7. Then follow the steps Nd install all required softwares.

  6. But the thump print was abortive.
    this is the message that is displaying ( left finger detected, Left finger has been remove without removing it and it does not display the thump print in the box and have been battling with more than days. please assist.

  7. *Yes thumbprint machine light on.
    *Yes the thumbprint machine detect finger when placed then the light blink from blue to red, yet the finger was
    not capture

  8. Hello admin, hope Digital persona 4000 can handle this NYSC Biometric capturing, because it has only red led light…

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