NYSC Verification Pin | How To Get WAEC Verification Pin For NYSC Date Of Birth Correction

NYSC Verification Pin is simply WAEC VERIFICATION PIN that is used to verify or check the age you provided to WAEC during the registration. However, this provided age is used to correct any error as regard the NYSC Date of Birth during NYSC Senate List Upload.

The only method to get the Date of Birth corrected is by buying NYSC Verification PIN which is WAEC Verification PIN from dealer to effect the NYSC Date of Birth Correction. In this article, the following bothering questions will be answered and solved here. Make sure you read to the end.  Such questions are:

  • How Can I Get My WAEC Pin
  • Buy WAEC Pin Online
  • NYSC Verification Pin
  • How Can I Get My WAEC Pin
  • WAEC Verification Pin 2017
  • WAEC Certificate Verification Portal
  • How To Correct Date Of Birth On WAEC Certificate
  • How To Get WAEC Verification Pin For NYSC

Yes! The above questions are going to be answered in this article.

Before we begin, to correct date of birth on WAEC certificate is a straight task that will be disclose in this article and everything we are about to unveil are do-it yourself steps. You do not need to pay anyone or anyone to do it for you


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