MUST READ – Buy Bitcoins with Gift Cards – Buy Bitcoins with Gift Cards – Buy Bitcoins with Gift Cards  –  Paxful is the leading peer to peer marketplace where regular people can buy bitcoin instantly. On you can Sell your Itunes, Amazon, Target Gift Cards for Bitcoin  easily and simple without any issue. Some of you have Gift Cards from Itunes, Amazon etc and the goodnews is that you can sell those Gift Cards for Bitcoin.Buy Bitcoins in Nigeria Through Paxful

How to Buy Bitcoins with Gift Cards

Before proceeding in Buying Bitcoin on Paxful, you must register first or Login.



After which you had Registered. follow below Steps

  • Search Paxful for offers for the gift card you have by Clicking here. Note the minimum purchase and buy at least that amount on the gift card you have.

For example: If all the vendors have a minimum of $20 for an Amazon Gift card then buy a $20 card. If you need at least $20 of bitcoin then notice the margin of the vendor you want to deal with if he gives you 70 cents on the dollar then that means for a $20 card you will get $14.00 back so if you need $20 of bitcoin back buy at least a $30 card.

  • Go to your local drug store and buy one of the gift cards above with CASH and SAVE THE RECEIPT.
  • Click find an offer for the card you have, TYPE IN THE FULL VALUE OF THE CARD and click BUY. ( IF YOU HAVE A $20 CARD YOU MUST TRADE FOR $20 YOU CANNOT DO A FRACTION OF A CARD!!!)
  • Type in how much the gift card you bought is worth. Click the big green “BUY NOW” button.
  •  Some vendors want you to ask them BEFORE you upload files, read the instructions and if so scroll down to the “Send Message” button and say “Hi” and click send message. Wait for the seller to respond. If they do not respond then click “CANCEL”
  • You are now in a trade. Read the instructions and follow them, usually that means uploading a picture of the back of the gift card with the code scratched off and a copy of the receipt showing it was paid with cash. Click the upload button and upload the files.
  • Once they have the code then you have PAID them as they have asked. ONLY once you’ve paid them, click “I HAVE PAID”.

You will see the “bitcoins released from escrow message” and the funds should be in your Paxful bitcoin wallet.

Simplest Step to Buy Bitcoin from

You easily sell your Gift cards on Paxful by following this link:

Click here Now

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