PayDiamond Package – Buy Paydiamond Package With Bitcoin

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Paydiamond investment package has been messiah to those of us that were SCAM in one way or the others in most recent Ponzi schemes. We recently published an article on how to earn life time income investing in paydiamond. However, this had helped many people to recover their lost income in the past Ponzi schemes. Having mentioned that; those of us that want to invest in paydiamond, could not purchase Paydiamond package after Joining Paydiamond investment. Because of these challenges, we have pileup all needed to buy paydiamond package with bitcoin:

PayDiamond Package - How To Buy Paydiamond Package With Bitcoin

How To Buy Paydiamond Package With Bitcoin

  1. Visit the website if you yet to Sign Up
  2. Select your language preference
  3. Go to the right hand side and click *Virtual Office*
  4. Login by typing in your Username and Password and click *sign in*
  5. Close the video tab that pops up once again.
  6. On your left hand side of your back Office, scroll down and click *Buy Paydiamond Package*
  7. Scroll down and choose your preferred package and click *Buy Paydiamond Package*
  8. In purchase acquisition page at the paydiamond package dashboard, scroll down and click *Bitcoin* as your payment method.
  9. Check the *I accept to buy*
  10. You will see the *Pdpass* section space, type in *Your password*
  11. Scroll down and click *Token*

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You will see a message appear saying The token has been sent to your email


  1. Login to the Email registered with Paydiamond and get the Token Number (6 digits Number) seen in the email box and copy it.
  2. Return to Paydiamond package dashboard and paste the Token number in token section and click *Buy to buy the Paydiamond package*


Note: There will be a notification saying, Congratulation you acquired



  1. There will be a Bit4pay bitcoin window at the paydiamond package purchase that will appear giving the details of the bitcoin amount and the bitcoin wallet address that the payment will be sent to.


In case you are using a smartphone with bitcoin wallet app installed, then scan the secure bar code and compute your transaction.


If you are using a webpage bitcoin wallet to transfer, carefully copy the details of bitcoin address (16 digits long chain word) that needs to be paid.


Note> Make sure you copy the complete address and confirm if its correct by referring the first 3 digits and last 3 digits after pasting in receiving address wallet (in your wallet ) and then copy the EXACT bitcoin amount to be paid and complete your transaction.

After inputting your transaction you will acquire an active status in your back office and your purchase pack will reflect too. Congratulations! You can start earning profit daily, weekly, and monthly.


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