PayLater Loan |How To Get A Paylater Loan Within few Minutes

Paylater Loan is one of the Nigerian lending platforms that allow you to lend money from android phone. Any means of document won’t be ask for you to submit online, immediately your loan will be approved.

It is real. I make a loan of about of 100,000 Naira from this platform which was approved; you wish to know how I did the payment and the process on Paylater App.

Why PayLater Loan?

This is owned by One Finance Limited. The company began around 2016. The best thing about this platform is that they don’t need your document even want you to face them when making lend for the loan that other banks do.

No pledging as security for requesting of loan or down-payment is requested from you.

PayLater they are the first Nigeria Company that helps to borrow money online with a mobile app. They are the first to make bigger entry into the Nigerian market.

Who Needs PayLater?

  • It helps student to cover up their school fee payment before deadline date.
  • It can help student to complete the fund for their final year project.
  • It helps company workers/salary earners to complete their debt before the end of month.
  • You can lend money to get your expensive home appliance and you make the payment back? Paylater is everyone
  • Paylater can help you lend you money to start a business.PayLater Loan |How To Get A Paylater Loan Within few Minutes


How Paylater Loan Works?

They give you date to make the payment back when you lend from their company. The payment to pay back depends on the amount you borrowed.

Little amount less than N7, 500, 10,000 this amount is to be paid within a month.

During the fund I borrowed which was 100,000 Naira from the company platform, I have to pay back with the period of six (6) months. I have to make a payment of N21, 667 Naira each month within the six months. All the payment is calculated to 130,000. This the discrimination part of time frame if you ask me.

Business you are to make profit you will be charge with loan.

When you continue your interest will be reduce.

The first loan I collected which was of 10,000 Naira via the app in July 2016. I have to make a payment of 13,000 Naira. Them later it later dropped to an amount of 12,250 Naira in my next repayment of 10,000.

My next payment I got 50,000 Naira from the Paylater app and make a payment of 55,000 Naira my friend who I informed about this platform who was a new member borrowed the same amount and paid back about 60,000 Naira.

Doing your registration on Paylater, BVN number will be required, your full name and address will be requested. This are for security measures in case you default. To be sincere; you won’t want to do that.

Paylater Loans which begin from 10,000 Naira to 40,000 Naira, your National identification will not be requested. Only Paylater loan of 50,000 Naira and above, needs the requirement of your National identification.

Requirement document which Paylater accepts;

  1. Voter’s card.
  2. Driver’s license.
  3. National Identity card (NIMC/NIN).
  4. International passport.
  5. Staff ID card.
  6. Employment letter.
  7. Tax ID.
  8. Your picture (to be accompanied by a supporting document).

Likewise, PayLater can loan you up to the amount of 1,000,000 Naira (1 million naira) make sure you are earn well and you have all the require document.


How to Register and Lend from PayLater App

First step, make sure you using an Android phone. Paylater work for Android phone except: IPhone, iOS or Windows; just for now.

You can download by clicking this link from the Google Play store. Click here to download


the app and fill in your correct information. BVN, home address, occupation, phone number, house rent amount, etc.

A page for putting in your debit card details will be asked. This is to make deduction from your account when the date month is due for your loan. They don’t withdraw money away from account illegally.

Push on the apply button on your phone. PayLater will calculate the amount of loan you qualify for.

If your payment is approved, you will be given the payment automatically.

How to Repay a Loan On Paylater App

There are various ways to repay your Paylater Loan. Here is the list of options;


The company has to make sure all customers are to put in their ATM card details. This most important, so you can make sure you access money from the company. This is in the platform automatically, which will make it easier for them to make deduction from your platform.

Before you the deductions date.

Paylater will automatically withdraw the exact amount you owe.

Repay Via Quickteller

You can also use the payment solution of Quickletter. Quickteller and paylater have organized themselves in helping each other, that why you can use Quickteller in making repaying your payment.


  1. Just visit com/onecredit.
  2. Choose paylater on Quickteller.
  3. Put your Paylater ID, email address, phone number and the amount you want to repay.
  4. Tap continue.
  5. Fill in your bank details to pay.
  6. You might receive a one-time password (OTP) on your phone. If you did, enter the code into the space provided and click pay.
  7. You will be deducted from your bank account and you debt will be covered.



Paying with another credit card is allowed, which you didn’t add up when registering for you Paylater

  1. Go into the Paylater app.
  2. Tap on “pay now” next to your loan amount.
  3. Put in the payment want to pay back.
  4. Put in “Make a onetime repayment”.
  5. Tap on continue.
  6. Tap on “Pay with card” or “pay with bank”.
  7. Put in your card or bank details to make the payment.


It better you pay your loan on time. This will allow them to be able to give you another loan when you demand.

Make sure you make your payment online as not to let the company who lend you the fund lose their trust in you, you will also be reported to National Credit Bureau agency if you fail to pay back the Paylater Loan.



You can contact them on any issue you want to make complain, only through the app feature.

Just tap on the chat icon at the top-right side of the app.

They have an email address, they want you to issue any complain to them through the app features or any social media.


Twitter: or @paylaterng
Email: [email protected]

There don’t have any contact number on their website or app features however; you can only contact the parent company on +234-16311215.

However, tryout this lending App and help your needs with paylater loan so you won’t get stranded to start up a business. Have you tested and used the paylater platform, please try now and benefit, you can also share with others & your love ones. (You can use paylater loan when you above 21years of old and above)

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