PayPal Claims – How Can I Claim A Refund?

PayPal Claims – How Can I Claim A Refund? | How Does a PayPal Claim Work?

PayPal Claims, also refer to Paypal dispute which is a dispute filed by the buyer or Seller which can be resolved. Furthermore, the Buyer or the seller can escalate it to PayPal Claims as long as it is within the 20 day period.

At this point, PayPal get involves, and all the decision that would be made would be done utilizing the provided information. PayPal Claims can also be filed by a buyer without having to initiate a dispute first.

PayPal Claims - How Can I Claim A Refund?

PayPal Claims – How Can I Claim A Refund or Win a Claim?

This can be done if the buyer feels that their account has been used fraudulently. During this process of documenting a PayPal Claims, the information would be required from the two parties via email. In case you have no idea what a claim is, well a PayPal Claims is when a buyer complaint is escalated to PayPal, or when the buyer filed an unauthorized transaction. Meanwhile, some of us may like to read what is PayPal versus Credit Card | What Are the Pros Using Credit Card


Why Claims Occur?

PayPal Claims is mainly based on three factors. And these factors could include the following:

Item Not Received (INR): this is when a buyer claims that he or she ordered and paid for it however didn’t receive it. Sometimes, the buyer may receive an item “significantly Not As Described (SNAD)” let say he ordered a blue jacket yet received a red one instead.

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Unauthorized transaction means the buyer’s account has been compromised or even hacked, and someone else carried out a transaction utilizing the buyer’s account without permission.

How to Escalate a PayPal Dispute to a Claim

If a dispute with a buyer cannot be resolved, the need to escalate to a claim would arise. To do that simply follow the steps stated below:

  • First, open your PayPal Account
  • Then go to the resolution center
  • Click the view icon next to the dispute icon
  • Click the escalate this dispute to a claim icon at the bottom of the page
  • Follow the stated directions
  • And finally, click escalates to a claim.

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How Can I Respond To a PayPal Claim?

To respond to a PayPal Claims, all you have to do is:

  • Log in your PayPal account
  • Visit the resolution center
  • Click the respond icon in the action section directly next to the claim
  • Select how you might want to respond to the claim and click continue.

Once you are done with the selection, follow the guidelines laid down. Have it at the back of your mind that once a file is uploaded you would not be able to view them again. You would simply have access to only a summary of the submitted information you made. You may also want to read PayPal eCheck – Send a PayPal eCheck & Receiving a PayPal eCheck.

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