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PAYU Nigeria is an online website used for transactions. It’s also e-payment platforms in Nigeria and as well has a wide coverage around the world. It is a website that makes online payment easy, effortless, and quick and hassle free.

The Nigeria gateway payment provider Payu Nigeria has branches in countries like PayU USA, PayU india, PayU S A and some other countries. Payu offer online services in Nigeria and users can use cards like visa card, MasterCard. It is a payment solution and they create a fast and efficient payment process for merchants and buyers.

The e payment companies in Nigeria like PAYU, users get to activate your payment gateway solution on their website or as an individual on their mobile service very fast and effective.

PAYU Nigeria payment gateway provider support local and international visa and mastercard payment method and alternative payment method from abroad to merchants, business owners and organizations in local currency. Payu Nigeria is useful to businesses or organizations in any size and for payments of goods and services offline, online and mobile.

How To Sign Up On PayU

  1. Visit portal and click on PayU Sign in
  2. You will see ‘’First time users, click here to activate’’
  3. Enter your card details and
  4. Provide necessary details needed


To Get Started Now with PayU Nigeria, follow explanation below:

  • Go to:
  • Click on the “password reset link” on the login page (for security reasons we need you to create a new password).
  • Fill in the email address that you use to login to your PayU merchant portal.
  • You will receive a link via email prompting you to reset your password.
  • Click the link and select a new password.
  • You will then be redirected back to the login page where you can login with your new password.


PayU Money Wallet

E-payment platform PAYU money wallet enables users to pay using normal payment method like credit card, debit card or net banking and get rewards on every transactions.

You can use your PAYU wallet to

  1. Recharge & buy airtime
  2. To pay bill
  3. buy sms bundle
  4. Buy bundles and so on.

PAYU is used and trusted by the following companies:

  • SONY
  • Adidas
  • com
  • Amway etc.


Payu Money

PAYU money is an essential payment for individuals and organizations, it is like a savings account for individuals.


Payu Products

PAYU products are categories in which PAYU Nigeria make transactions easier. The products are:

  1. PAYU EXPRESS: PAYU express allows customers to securely pay with a single click using the secure PCI-DSS certified card tokenization.


Benefits Of Payu Express

  • Higher converssion rate using a single click
  • Hassle free customer experience
  • maximum security
  • customers sign in once and speed through checkout
  • easiness of integration
  • make payment anywhere

PAYU SUSCRIPTION: its a solution that gives you full control to manage your real time subscription payment. payu subscription makes it easier for customers who have

recurring payment to have a good transaction in the future. the benefits of using payu subscription are Billing or Postpaid service, Magazine subscriptions  Policies,Medium to large Business digital download and so on.

 How Payu Subscription Works

  • Customer is at checkout, tick on box and proceed to pay.
  • 2 Payment is processed and customer will have to go through
  • 3D secure and then enter CVV number.
  • Customer will log in into your website and choose item and then proceed to checkout.
  • At checkout, the customer is directed to the PayU payment page and selects a cards (debit, credit,) from the list of stored cards.
  • then click on “p a y ”


PAYU RECEIVE: PAYU receive securely accepts online payment even without internet. it is suitable for small businessess, charities, schools, insurance, bill and subscription services and individuals.

It is a simple and the easiest way in which your customer can pay you, all you need is the customers email address and phone number.


How Payu Receive Works

  1. On PAYU receive your customer will log in and click on Create Payment or Invoice and then enter the details.
  2. Send your customer the payment link using either sms or email.
  3. Sending payment link using sms is very easy and convenient.


Benefits Of Using PAYU Receive

  1. It does not require internet connection
  2. Customize payment link
  3. Security
  4. Customers experience is hassle free
  5. Recurring of payment etc.

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