Pdcflow Payment – Pay online https//epaypdc4u

Pdcflow Payment – Pay online https//epaypdc4u

PDCFlow archive to permanently help the services available to their users while making it certain to the data they input is secure and well-guarded. Deciding in looking for a service that will boost your everyday cash flow stops staring and give them a call.

They are Simple, efficient, friendly software to motivate collection payments and keep the collection industry payment processing in compliance.

With Pdcflow payment Solution management is easy, safe, quick and secure, so you can accept payments faster. Their application allows multi-channel payments with combined eSignatures for unsatisfactory payment authorizations.

You Can Open Pdcflow With A Lot Of Payment You Wish To Open It With

  • Collections
  • Hospitals
  • Law office
  • Credit unions
  • Medical billing
  • Insurance



Tools for the Collection Industry

For making online payments

Helps your entrepreneurs to self-serve and also make payments for personal use even when your office is closed. Launch a Pay here button on your website which divert to a 100% Level 1 PCI Compliant payment page branded for your business.

Recovery Scoring

Give your givers the power to achieve consumers with the courage to pay saving time and money and boosting your successful collection rate.

Built in Compliance

Ask and collect authorized signatures to provide Regulation E on Recurring Payment Schedules while your receiver has the entrepreneur on the phone.  A copy of the recurring payment plan goes out automatically to the entrepreneur to review.



Make it easy for your patients to pay

Branded Online Payment Center

Motivate self-serve payments by informing patients to your website. Redirect them to your branded, safe, PCI compliant online payment center; there are no log in required.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Payments

Allow self-serve for those patients who aren’t interested with online payments. Take simple payments via IVR that will enables call recording and a design dialog designer.

Recurring Healthcare Payments

Patients can set up their own recurring payment schedules online while you set the little payment allowed due on their account balance.


Credit Union Payments and Compliance

Boost your accounts automatically during secure processing all credit card payment via PDCflow and extremely deduct your PCI-DSS purpose. Launch our PDC EZ Pay Form or combine to our Secure Entry Overlay Form.

Reg E Compliance Built into PDCflow account interface

Request and accept official signatures to fulfill guideline E on Repeated Payment planned while your volunteers have your consumer on the phone.  A duplicate of the repeated payment plan goes out automatically to the consumer to review.



Easy Payment Options for Healthcare and Medical Billing

Unique Branded Online Payment Centers for each of your clients

Maybe you accept medical payments for a doctor’s office or organized clinic or for a lot across the country motivate self-serve payments by controlling healthcare consumers to a website specific for each business or office. Automatically redirect consumers to a branded, secure, PCI compliant online payment center for each client or location, no log in required.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Payments

Allow self-serve for those purchasers who don’t have access to technology or are not tech practical knowledge. Make easy medical payments by way IVR which present call recording and customize the dialog path for each client.

Recurring Medical Payments for Small or Large Balances

Encourage medical payment plans by enabling each online payment center to allow the patient or purchasers to set up their own repeated payment plan while you direct the little payment allowed starting on their account balance.


To Sign Up For Pdc Flow  Payment Solution

Visit Link Here

Scroll down the page and select what you are opening your account with to ensure your payment easy and comfortable. You can also download pdcflow app to make in u on your mobile devices.

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