– Get upto 30% ROD in 2 – 10 days

REVIEW: – Get upto 30% ROD in 2 – 10 days – Get upto 30% ROD in 2 – 10 days  – is a crowd funding platform that helps you raise funds from willing donors for your projects

How to Register on

To Register on this platform, follow the link below:

Register - Get upto 30% ROD in 2 - 10 days

Accident and Emergencies

Gat an emergency? Get help from peerfunders!

Medical Bills

Get help with your medical bills from active supporters

Starting a new business

Get funds from investors with no commitment

Tuition fees, Text books etc

Get help with funds for fees, texts and other educational materials

Birthday, Wedding and others

Raise funds towards your next big or small event.

Babies, Kids and Family

Raise some fund for that baby shower, naming etc

Signup now and get $10.00 instantly, plus $15.00 for your referrals

Frequently Asked Questions About Peerfunding


A group of consenting adults that have agreed to support one another to achieve independent financial goals.

How do I donate to a project

A list of open projects is published daily. Visit your member area to access this list.

How are payments made

The project owner decides the preferred means of payment. It must be one of Bitcoin, Paypal and Bank payment. Bank payment is only available in certain countries.


How much do I earn?

You are able to create projects up to 130% your donations.

How quickly will I recieve payment

This depends on the number of pending projects on the queue. It typically takes 2 – 10 days to get your project fully paid.

How do I contact you when I need help

Visit our support center when you sign into your account. Our agents are waiting for you.


Crowdfund your next project, big or small

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