Best Phones Which Will Blow Your Mind In 2019


Best Phones  | Best Phone Which Will Blow Your Mind In 2019

Best Phones  –  We all have been thinking the best phone which will be top in 2019, but this is not too certain because all phone cannot be predicted for next year apart from this year

Now we need to talk about this new smartphone which will take your mind away in January – June 2019

  1. Oneplus7 Which Is The 5 G Phone Of The Future

This is not about discharge. It was stated by the tech event created for Qualcomm snapdragon summit also was assure it will be one of the best first smartphone which will works with 5G internet   technology. It was stated that it can work with EE along with snapdragon 855.  Maybe if it not going to be OnePlus 7 that will work with 5G connectivity it might be of the similar one which might be OnePlus 6T. What is on for now? , but we are assure it will be OnePlus 7.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 And 10 +

Both phones will have a big punch on the market in year 2019 it was stated it will be of the best devices. But this two phone will be launched when the Mobile World Congress event plan at February 2019.

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What Samsung have been planning is to bring in five cameras, which will be three at the back and two will be at the front. Also, it is about fix cameras to put beneath the display into a tender which permit for a smooth front.

This new Samsung is said to be the generation of 5G capable mobile device. Discharge have been modify to lot of things which is up till now,  much are coming in due to the device to manifest the best for 2019.

  1. Samsung Galaxy F

Everyone doesn’t know when the name and the next foldable Samsung phone will look like and when it will be launch, it will be announce. Original one has been on concept now but has been on for years. It will arrive with infinity flex display which will be sold of about 2000$. This will be revealed when it is WMC 2019 event.

  1. Apple Iphone Xi 

Change of this new iphone have not been stated because with don’t know what the company of Apple is going to bring out. This company is might be eager to produce a 5G connection phone. They are trying to bring users connected to their products. Well all know that apple is the best to develop new technology also eager to reduce in their design, though we have not seen much coming up from them.

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