PiggyVest | Save For Future & Earn 13% Interest

PiggyVest | Save For Future & Earn 13% Interest | PiggyBank Change To PiggyVest – See Why?

Piggyvest is a Nigerian FinTech startup formally known as has recently rebranded her name to PiggyVest. As stated by Somto Ifezue, co-founder and CEO of the new rebranded PiggyVest said that the re branding is due to the fact that the startup had planned to take on a much better broader form and plans expansion across Africa at large.

Somto Ifezue said & Quote:

“We are building the future of savings and investments starting in Nigeria. So, we need a name that actually reflects that”

Facts About Piggybank’s New Identity – PiggyVest

The PiggyVest startup’s new identity is more than just a mare name change and this should not scare and make registered members panic. Rather, it’s a symbol of the new direction the FinTech intends to take.

“The believe is that the name captures the essence of Piggyvest core direction as a business and its focus on the needs of the customers. The new name is symbolic of this direction and it also provides a glimpse into the exciting things the future has in store for the company and the customers,” [co-founder and COO Odunayo Eweniyi said]. 

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PiggyVest was launched in 2016 as Piggybank which is an online saving and investment platform. It main purpose is targeted primarily at low and middle-income Nigerians which allow the individual to deposit and put aside small amounts on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

PiggyBank now PiggyVest also worth mentioning is the fact that the startup secured $1.1m funding last year from the report. Also, it’s equally has over 195,000 registered users, who have saved in excess of US$15 million since 2016. Now, Piggybank has become PiggyVest, a much broader financial management platform and had recorded 200,000 registered members as at January, 2019. Read More; How to Apply for AES student loan online – AES student loan Login

As part of its expansion plans, the PiggyVest will be developing more financial features. This will make the platform more robust and reach many users across the continent, and eventually the world. Moreover, the enhanced platform will offer even more services – including insurance and group investment.

PiggyVest | Save For Future & Earn 13% Interest
PiggyVest | Save For Future & Earn 13% Interest

Categories of PiggyVest Investment

As we said earlier, Piggyvest has three 3 different categories of savings. Thus;

  • Members can make saving deposit daily
  • Weekly and
  • Monthly

If you plan to save money for any projects such as wedding, Naming, buying of land, house rent, car etc. you can set saving deposit daily, weekly and monthly the one that suit your interest. With the saving options, there are also type of PiggyVest Savings.

Type of PiggyVest Saving Categories

  1. The Piggybank™ usual autosave (10% p.a)
  2. The Target Savings (10% p.a)
  3. The PiggyBank SafeLock (13% p.a) and
  4. The PiggyFlex™

Let us explain these types of savings in details.

PiggyBank Usual Autosave: with this type of piggyvest saving investment, customer’s signup for and make a first time deposit with their bank’s debit or credit card and they must assign whether the debit should occur daily, weekly or monthly with exact amount. Example; you can set the debit to be N1000, N2750 etc. daily, weekly or monthly

Note: for you to make 10% p.a, you must wait till month end before you can withdraw in the type of saving otherwise, you will be charge certain % on pre-mature withdrawal.

Target Savings (10% p.a): with this type of piggyvest saving investment, customer’s signup and make sure he/she join the public group of like mind who are also saving money for certain project and they must set up their aim target. Example customer save towards certain target with other registered members and at the end of the target, to withdraw, you get 10% of your total target savings which could also be set daily, weekly and monthly. Read More; First Bank Automobile Loan – Acquire First Bank Loan

PiggyBank SafeLock Saving: with this type of piggyvest saving investment, customer’s signup and make a onetime deposit that will not be allow to withdraw whether he/she dying or sick until the stipulated period of time reach. Example; customer can sign up for piggyvest and deposit N1M (One million Naira for 6months and at the end of the stipulated period of 6months, you get back your money with 13% of the initial deposit).

PiggyFlex Saving: As the name implies, it is a type of PiggyVest that does not attract any interest. With PiggyFlex, you can just keep money in there for feeding, flexing emergency and this type of saving can be withdrawn at any time. It is PiggyFlexing saving for flexing parol.

How to apply for PiggyVest | PiggyBank Account

This platform has help me to save for the future especially helped in the payment of my house rent, my children school fee and xmas celebration. At the end of every year, I was among the first tenants that paid for the next house rent in December without any delay or seeking for help from anyone. Read More; Cash Advance Loan App | A payday loans for bad credit


This platform is not get rich quick program nor is either MMM – get rich quick rather a bank, platform to help all Nigerians and Africans at large.

If you think you want to secure your future now, you can start saving from N500, infact start with any amount you can afford and watch how you will be surprise at the end of 12 or 6months.

To register for PiggyVest – piggybank Account;

  • Click HERE
  • Supply all details correctly as appeared on your Bank Account
  • Login to your email and verify your email address
  • Make your first deposit of saving the future.
  • And set the re-occurring debit for your AJO- Contribution

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Congratulations for your first decision to secure your future, familly’s future and achievement of your Budgets

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