Plagiarism checker | Free Grammarly Checker

Plagiarism checker – Are you an article writer? Are you a copy writing freelancer that need help to correct your grammar? Do you need grammarly checker tool for your ongoing project? Do you own a blog or website where you publish articles or post and whnat its content to be original? If these questions are applicable to you, this post is for you because in this blog post, we shall be given out the best Plagiarism checkers and Free Grammarly Checkers you can all use at your own convenient.

Plagiarism checker | Free Grammarly Checker
Plagiarism checker | Free Grammarly Checker


What is Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker is a tool that is use to know the original origin or owner of  any article, journal or post to maitain copy right  policy. Plagiarism checkr is very useful in Schools or among writers to avoid and to give individual writers the credit they deserve. Grammarly checker is mostly use among students especially project students to checkmate their grammarly and to correct them approriately.

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Benefit of Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker help you to know those that have been stealing your original article contents that you have published on your site. It also helps in knowing those antagostic sites that are in competition with you. Plagiarism as been helpful to so many blogger. The tools fishout errors in your grammar while writing article or post. Its also gives others clue on who own the original content of post you intends to post on your blog.

How to Use Plagiarism checker | Grammarly Checker

It is easy and simple to use this tools while writing articles/posts. We will be showing you all how to us plagiarism checker tool and also how to use grammarlychecker tools effectively. In this tutorial, we shall be using one among the popular free plagiarism and grammarly checkers. For that we will be using plagiarism website for the plagiarism checker and  grammarly checker. this website offers free service for her users.

To use plagiarism checker, follow steps below:

  1. Visit the plagiarism checker website here
  2. Copy and paste the article or post you want to publish there
  3. The article must not be morethan 1000 words per check
  4. Confirm that you are not a robot and;
  5. Click on Check for Plagiarism checker to check

Wait for the tools to perform the check. After the tool has completed the check, it will be display in Percentage % and if the content areoriginal and genuine content as you claimed is yours, all the content should show the Percentage % in Green Bar. But if the result gives Red Percentage % Bar. That means the content is not originally own by you. then you have to write your own article from the scratch.

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To use grammarly checker, follow steps below:

  • Visit the plagiarism checker website here
  • Copy and paste the article or post you want to publish there
  • The article must not be morethan 1000 words per check
  • Confirm that you are not a robot and;
  • Click on Check for Grammarly checker to check

There will be a pop up i.e if you are using firefox, for Grammarly checker to perform very well, you must add the Grammarly checker plugin to Firefox and signup for free. Then the Grammarly Checker will then be underlining and will be suggesting to you the well structured Grammarly you must follow.

Other Plagiarism Checkers

  1. Duplichecker: is a plagiarism checker that can be use for free. Unregistered users are allow to check 1 artcle/post per day while registered users can check  50 articles/posts per day. Click here to visit the site
  2. Copyleaks: it is a cloud base plagiarism checker which is use for Education and business. It can only be use by registered users and only 10 pages are free but unlimited to premium users. Click here to visit the site
  3. Paperrater:  it is a multipurpose plagiariams checker that is use over 140 countries. It gives acurate result in seconds and has both paid and free users with only 5 pages per day. Click here to vist the site
  4. Plagiarisma: it is easy to use plagiarism checker tool that is use by writers, teachers, students and others. text are check quickly by downloading the tool add-on extention. It has limited page check and unlimited premium plagiarism check. click here to visit the site
  5. Plagium: its easy to use with 5000 character each search. it’s has limited free features but must signup to use. visit here to use it
  6. Quetext: Totally free for users. all features are free. visit to use here

Those are the other working Plagiarism Checker that can help you all to achieve your goal in writing. If you find this article interesting, kindly share!

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