Plasma Loyalty Card Of Bank of America

Plasma loyalty card is simply the Grifols Visa® Prepaid Card. This card is issue to customers for their loyalty and patronage for a tip of compensation. Furthermore, this is one of the human resources ideas in gaining your trust as a customer at Grifols. Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card - Activate Grifols Prepard Card Online

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Customers gets this prepaid card issue in aspect of each  of their donation or deposit they make into their account. More so, as a user of Bank of America, your funds are automatically loaded to your issued plasma loyalty card, in a safe, secure, and above all, a convenient way to access your funds.


Benefits of Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card

There are more benefits that is attached to this prepaid card. The card can be use at any located atm for withdrawal

  • To check fund balance via text or at the atm machine
  • Card can be use for purchases at any acceptable store or mall
  • You can use the card for split payment whereby your card get debited with part of your payment and complete payment with  other means or by given cash.
  • It can be use at any Restaurants close to you.
  • It can also be use for Gasoline payment

Disadvantage of the Card

Having stated the advantages this card has, there is nothing or earth with advantage that won’t have disadvantages. However, the only disadvantage here is that; any payment you can make or withdrawal you must do is limited your card balance. Since your card is just a reloaded and a prepaid card, therefore, no any line of credit attached to it. So, you can only spend up to your Card available balance.

How Does this Card Works

As a reloaded card as it is, funds can only be loaded  immediately on your prepaid card after each donation is made up of using the card to buy whatever you  want when you want, till the money is gets finished or the funds are reserves for use on your next purchase or payment.

What Are Grifols Card Fees or Charges?

There are ways and manner how the card is charged. The card is very fascinating to use, that is why must clients or customers chose  Grifols prepaid card. Now, let us talk about the charges or fees for the service you get from this card.

First, there is no Fee Charges only when you;

  • Use the card for payment in stores, online and when you are making a phone call purchases.
  • Won’t get charge for a fee only if you use the card at any Merchants that gives customers cashback on a purchased.
  • Won’t get charged if you withdraw cash from Bank of America and also from all point ATM locations

How Do I Activate Grifols Prepard Card Online

For you to activate you grifols card, you should have been issued a card for compensation. Then you could think of how do I activate my Grifols so that I can take advantages of the benefits. Guidelines below explained the steps to follow to activate your Card. Thus;

  • Visit official website or click URL link here to directly visit the activation portal.
  • Input the 16 digits called card PAN in the provided box as seen below imageActivate Grifols Prepard Card Online
  • The page will redirect you to a page where you will be ask to assign a card PIN
  • Then supply your Zip code
  • Follow the prompt and you have just activated you Grifols Card.

There are other services you can confirm online. Siuch services like check balance on card, want to know last payment amount, and also, you might want to know your last transaction amount. To perform all these, you can use the url and choose the service you want.

In any case that you can’t or do not have access to internet, you can perform above queries using your phone.

Make sure you text any of the prompts listed below to a number 445544 in order to receive the appropriate response, such example as:

  • Text BAL >>>  (If you want to get card balance)
  • Text PAY >>> ( If your inquiries is to get your last payment amount ). And lastly;
  • Text TRANS >>> ( In case you want to get your last transaction amount ).

How Do I Check My Card Balance Online

We had made mentioned of means which you can use to check your Grofils card balance via phone text. Using that method, you will get charged by your telecom service provider. You are about to easily check Grifols plasma loyalty card balance. 

We will be discussing on how you can check your card balance online. For customers or users to check their card balance online and transaction history visit:

  • Official website URL
  • Use Bank of America ATM, or
  • Contact Customer Services toll-free at (866) 692-9282. While using this option, make sure have your 16-digit Card number ready, Social Security Number and your home address for confirmation.

CSL Sign in Page

You can quickly access the CSL sign in page from anywhere or your browser. This part of the article is not left aside. So, to sign in CSL account, follow instructions below:

  • Visit official official website URL or click on link here,to access page directly.
  • Type in assigned username given to you by Griflos
  • Click on sign in button immediately
  • Supply your password at the password given box
  • Then input the 3-digit security code found at the back of your card.

BofA Prepaid (Bank of  America Prepaid)

You will want to manage your BofA prepaid card pin the Go. Doing this is by having access to your account and  this can be achieved with the BofA App. However, this App gives users an easy access to their BofA prepaid card activities on their device anywhere, anytime all over the globe, i.e where the customers may be.

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Additionally, the BofA app helps user to control and secure their fund  in one place and services this app offers are but include the following:

  • Checking of account balance
  • Get account review history
  • Secure account login via biometric authentication. And,
  • Stay informed with an alert of any occurred transactions,
  • You can use the App to find nearby Card Free ATM locations.

That is it but you can use this page to get the app on your phone.

For android Users, download BofA prepaid app here. While

Those using Apple or iPhones, download the BofA prepaid app here.

Banks that Accepts Grifols Plasma layalty Cards

You might also be wondering that, which banks attack this prpaid card on their accept. Before we emphasis on this, let us look at the issuers again.

The Cards are issued by Citibank, N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.  Also, Bank of America also issued this Grifols card and can be used anywhere or ATM Machine where Visa debit cards are accepted.

As per the ATM machine usage, the ATM provider might or will charge little fee for using the card on their ATM machines. Inconclusiveness, the Grifols cards can be used anywhere Visa® logo debit cards are accepted