Play Ps4 Games | How To Play Ps4 Games On Pc/Mac

Play Ps4 Games | How To Play Ps4 Games On Pc/Mac

Play Ps4 Games – You can find out the easy game which you need to play on your laptop/MAC using ps4 remote and play station, this ps4 cause commotion , it one of the popular platform where games are played, the company most run race with Microsoft company to they can meet up in the slot. The moment which it was announced by Microsoft about the capacity to play Xbox one games through your laptop or PC in window 10, Sony Company answered with the ps4 remote play.

I will love to show you how to install ps4 remote to play your game on your laptop/PC or MAC then the steps to play your play station games on your laptop/PC, this if you don’t have a play station.

How To Play Ps4 Games In Details

  1. Go to the play store and download the official remote play app for laptop/PC or MAC, then install.
  2. Make sure the play station 4 which is running is of v3.50 maybe through settings-system software update.
  3. Access your laptop/PC to open the remote play then connect your dualshock for control.
  4. Get access to your PSN account.
  5. Tap on manually connect; this is when your PSN is not found automatically.

What Your System Need To Be Eligible For Ps4 Games

Make sure your laptop/PC have the following details

  1. Must have window 8.1
  2. Must have windows 10 or any upgraded version.
  • Must have OS X yosmite or more than.

Now you can choose the following resolution also frame rate options, this decision is made through your internet connection from range of 720p/60fps, also the little internet connection of 15MB which is required.

  1. The resolution options is :360p, 540p, 720p
  2. The default resolution is: 540p
  3. The frame rate is: standard (30fps), high (60fps)
  4. The default frame rate is : standard (30fps)

The dual shock 4 controller will be used; you have to get this connected to your laptop/PC or MAC through micro USB.

Play Ps4 Games | Steps To Setup Remote Of Ps4 On Your Laptop/Pc Or Mac

  1. Now download then install PC/MAC client. You can get this downloaded by clicking on this link or copy and paste this out on your browser , immediately you have get this downloaded on your laptop/PC or MAC, follow the instruction which is displayed on the screen.
  2. YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR PS4 SOFTWARE TO 3.50, THIS IF YOU DON’T HAVE. For setting you need to get the updated version so you can download and install successfully. Don’t get scared if you haven’t get this done, just move to your settings-system software update, to push up your update.
  3. YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR LAPTOP/PC REMOTE PLAY APP THEN CONNECT YOUR DUALSHOCK 4 CONTROLLER. Though some laptop/PC also MAC gives Bluetooth support, the remote play app had been designed by Sony to only work with wired connections. What is meant here is to get your ps4 controller inserted into your laptop/PC or MAC through USB cable, tap on start.
  4. TRY TO LOG IN TO YOUR PSN ACCOUNT. It must be similar to the account which you use on your PlayStation 4. If you don’t have try to sign up.
  5. i. THE APP WILL SEARCH FOR YOUR PS4 AUTOMATICALLY. It might take few minutes for the search, if you find this step not coming up, it need manual process. It was stated by Sony that search can’t find your PlayStation 4 through the internet if you didn’t registered it has your primary PS4, maybe it is already powered off, this might be in the rest mode where the remote can be turn on.
    It just simply meaningless getting your ps4 connected to both ps4 also laptop/PC and MAC which have to be on both network. Now on your ps4, move to: settings-remote play connection settings-add device then enter the number which is provided on the remote play app.
  7. NOW YOU CAN GET YOUR GAME READY. Maybe all this process went successfully; now your laptop/PC or MAC can connect to your ps4 then start your game. In aspect if you wish to turn the connection settings, what you need to do first is to get the remote play disconnected by switching off your ps4 or close the remote play app. If you want to tap start to get connected to you ps4, tap settings then turn the resolution/framerate.
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Play Ps4 Games | Games Which You Can Play On Your Pc When Using Playstation

If you don’t have a play station, don’t let your friends get you jealous, this is now present for both laptop/pc also on MAC. This is a big problem for gamers; this might come up in new market for Sony, which they allow gamers to play PlayStation games than letting them get in creating in PlayStation themselves. If you don’t know anything about this service, the company of Sony have make it easier to browse from the catalogue of over 500 PlayStation for games, also big names such as Uncharted and the Last of Us.

What you need to know about the advantage is that Sony library might be streamed, this only done if you have a fast internet connected, though bigger games, also more information might request for small download first.

You can get new games of 7 days trials to get tested on Sony Netflix-of-gaming service also if you want to enjoy this you need to make payment of €12.99 in a month to move on in using it. All new games are always added every basis per month, this can’t be boring.

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Also there is also a dongle which is present for both PC and MAC gamers, which is of wireless use to dualshock for controller, it can only get connected when wired by using PS now games also other controller-supported games.

If You Need To Know A Series Of Playstation Games On Your Laptop/Pc, This Is How To Get This Done.

  1. Try to download PlayStation Now installer for PC through this link by clicking on this or copy and paste this out on your browser , install and follow the instruction which guides you to install on your laptop/PC.
  2. Now this have to install automatically, if it can’t open on your phone, try to use manual method.
  3. You will be directed to a signup window; maybe you have this before, if you are users of play station, tap sign in now, if this is not possible, guidelines are there at the screen page which will direct you to create account from beginning.
  4. Now you have logged in, there will be a welcome banner which will be displayed which will give you the page of free 7 days trial then select the games which you need to play. Tap on the 7days free trial button to sign up for PlayStation NOW when using SEN log in. it useless that the trial will automatically request for subscription unless you move to your account settings, tap on media, tap the PS NOW subscription then tap cancel automatic renewal.
  5. Now you have signed in, now you can select your game which you want to play. Now select a part of PS3 games in Netflix-style layout, then tap start on the game which you need to play. When most game will appear immediately, bigger games such as: infamous 2 this will need some way to download.
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Now you have tap on start then begin the game, now insert then use your dualshock for controller. Immediately you insert it, now your game is ready.

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