PocketNaira.com – Ponzi that Pays 100% of Investment

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REVIEW: PocketNaira.com – Ponzi that Pays 100% of Investment

PocketNaira.com – Ponzi that Pays 100% of Investment PocketNaira.com is a platform built to help individuals, especially students survive in this recession. PocketNaira is a peer to peer platform where payments are made directly to participants account.

PocketNaira is not a conventional cycler that favours only the first people to register. We have deviced a means to ensure that pocketnaira lasts for a life time. Every successful donation will have to pass a three (3) day waiting period before returns will be made (Maturity period is below 7 days).

How to Own an Account with PocketNaira.com



PocketNaira.com - Ponzi that Pays 100% of Investment

PocketNaira grows with the influx of new members in the community. So we encourage members to invite their friends and familly, using their referral links.(making extra money while helping people).


  • After you had received payment from 2 members, participant must re-donate within 72 hours or have their account barred for life.
  • Please do not click the ‘make donation’ button if you do not have money readily available
  • Do not worry in case if a user refused to decline or confirm a payment. after 12 hours the system will automatically confirm it.
  • Donations has to be made within 12 hours, failure to do so will get the account barred
  • There is no refund of payment.
  • If there’s any, all issues should be forwarded to support, and will be tackled squarely within 24 hours.

Packages Plans PocketNaira.com offers



  • Duration
  • below 7 days
  • ₦20,000



  • Duration
  • below 7 days
  • ₦40,000



  • Duration
  • below 7 days
  • ₦100,000

 Frequently Ask Question of PocketNaira.com

Why pocketnaira

PocketNaira This is a community of individuals coming together to help one another, you donate an amount to a fellow participant and the system will assign two participants to donate to you, allowing you make 100% on your initial money.

What is the currency used here?

PocketNaira is a platform built by Nigerians for Nigerians. The only currency allowed on this platform is Naira.

Can my money be refunded?

PocketNaira is a peer to peer community allowing individuals help themselves. Money transfer are made directly to members account and as such, PocketNaira cannot refund money. members can discuss amongst themselves and initiate the refund.

Is this a pyramid scheme, do i need referals?

PocketNaira is not a pyramid scheme neither is it a HYIP nor ‘networking’ system. You do not need to build a sort of matrix before you earn. It is on a ‘turn by turn’ basis, You make donations and within 3 – 7 days donations will be made to you. We do encourage members to invite friends and family for that is what will sustain the PocketNaira system.

I have a referral link, can i make money with it?

To reward the participants for job well done in sustaining PocketNaira system, participants get ₦500 for every active referrals they bring to PocketNaira.(This can be withdrawn when it gets to ₦10,000 and it is paid instantly.)


All money are transferred directly to members account. We only provided the platform for a seamless transaction. There is NO Central Account where all the donation money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from).

Members transfer to each other directly, without intermediaries, our automated system only regulates the process – nothing more.

After the transaction is successfull, the member that donated will upload the payment evidence which will be confirmed by the receiver (The system confirms automatically if the receiver fails to decline or confirm after 12 hours).

very simple!

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