Protest over Dazan death |HND 2 Student

YABATECH Students Protest over Dazan death an HND 2 Student.

What a terrible situation over Dazan death who was an HND 2 students of Yabatech died today at the school medical center due to the financial problem that the death person had and the nurses and the staff of the medical center refused to attend the deceased person over the sum of  N35, 000 as a deposit.


bellow is the pictures of the students Protest……..


IMG_20160210_123640 IMG_20160210_130758 IMG_20160210_130800 IMG_20160210_130857

YABATECH Students Protest over death of HND 2 Student

IMG_20160210_130940 IMG_20160210_130946 IMG_20160210_130951 IMG_20160210_123640

YABATECH Students Protest over Dazan’s death an HND 2 Student.

IMG_20160210_123908 IMG_20160210_124701 IMG_20160210_124712 IMG_20160210_125244 IMG_20160210_130757




Protest over Dazan death |HND 2 Student

(R.I.P) Dazan Charity





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