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Quickteller Paypoint – Quickteller is a payment solution that holds most – top merchants and websites payment API for smooth and easy quick teller transfer. Quickteller makes payments handy in such a way with the quick teller app. Quickteller delivered to you through your mobile device, only when the quick teller app enables through the quick teller login page. The quick teller mobile app currently includes the following mobile phones; Blackberry, iPhones and Android applications and also deliver through SMS. You can pay your bills, purchase airtime and much more using Quickteller app mobile.

Quickteller App | Quickteller Paypoint Review

That awkward moment when your ATM Card despite having a healthy bank balance suddenly becomes useless? Probably the banks are facing some little challenges or the service broke down. You are caught out without a kobo and have checked all the ATMs in the area but they are all out of cash or no network, and you really need to pay a bill or send money to a friend/client or simply buy airtime. It might also be the problem of leaving our various resident or place of work to go and face the queue at the bank. So quick teller transfer is designed for us to ease our stress.

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You can pay your Cable TV bill, purchase airtime, fund your mobile money wallet, check your mobile banking account balance and generate SafeToken for secure online transactions through WebPAY.

There are also Quickteller PayPoint where you can do all the transaction even without doing it yourself. Here comes the Quickteller PayPoint where quick teller agents can be found to do the process and transaction for you.

Nowadays, that we have prepaid PHCN system where you need to recharge/reload your PHCN metre card, there is no need rushing to the bank for payment, in fact, the Quickteller agent comes to play here. They will take your metre card number and your PHCN bill is paid without issue at any quick teller PayPoint.

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Quickteller Registration

If you are yet to have an account with Quickteller, not too late to register for quick teller account or to sign up for Quickteller agent account.

Quickteller registration web: You to register and have an account with Quickteller, all you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, you need to open your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera Mini Explorer e.t.c.)
  • Type in com. The browser will open the Quickteller portal for you.
  • On the portal, you will see REGISTER and you click on it. The browser will automatically open the registration page for you.
  • When the registration page is opened, all you need to do is to fill the form. You will also need to accept their terms and condition.



It is very easy to log in to your Quickteller account. When you have successfully created your account or already have an account with Quickteller, all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

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  • Firstly, open your browser
  • You then click on the log in link. You will then be directed to where you will log in
  • Provide your USERNAME and PASSWORD.



When you have successfully signed in to your Quickteller account. All you need to do is to click on the TRANSFER FUNDS. You will then have to fill the form which has the following questions;

  • DESTINATION BANK: that is the name of the bank you are transferring to
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: an account of the person you are transferring to
  • ACCOUNT TYPE: the type of account the person you are transferring to is using (Savings or Current).
  • BENEFICIARY NAME: provide the name of the person you are transferring out
  • AMOUNT: insert the amount you want to transfer
  • BENEFICIARY EMAIL: provide the person you are transferring to an email address.
  • BENEFICIARY PHONE NUMBER: provide the phone number of the person you are transferring to

Lastly, Click on CONTINUE.



  1. Visit an ATM machine of any bank
  2. Insert your ATM card
  3. Select Quickteller
  4. Select “Pay bills”
  5. Choose your account type (Saving or Current)
  6. Select “Others”
  7. Type in 322222 as the payment code
  8. Insert your phone number as ‘Customer Reference’
  9. Accept the N1.00 amount displayed
  10. Follow prompts to complete the transaction

Download Quickteller App

The Quickteller App is basically an electronic payment platform through which you can buy airtime, transfer funds, and pay bills. As a downloadable app on your Android, BlackBerry and iOS smartphones*, the Quickteller App becomes your mobile payment option on the go!!! All you need to do is download it and use your ATM Card to make payments. It is easy, safe and convenient!!!

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There are three quick ways to download the Quickteller App:

  1. Download it on your phone via
  2. Search for and download it via BlackBerry App World or Google Play Store
  3. SMS “Quickteller” to 32122 and follow the prompts

Then all you need to carry out transactions is an ATM card issued by your bank and activation of the ATM Card on the app or at the ATM (see steps below**).

So say goodbye to those awkward moments like the one above and be free

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