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Reddit news is a website for social news and media aggregation, it is a website founded by two roommates (Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian) from the University of Virginia located in the United State of America in the year 2005 with the slogan “The front page of the internet”.

The Reddit news is also a discussion site where registered members submit contents like links, images and text post which are voted on by other members it also makes users to categorize, discover and share useful content and informations.

The post made on reddit are organized by subject into boards, this subjects are called “subreddits”, this subreddits cover varieties of topics such as movies, news, video games, science, fitness, music, food, books, and image sharing. It has its head quarter in San Francisco, California, United States. Reddit has popular people like Barrack Obama and Nick Offerman

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The name “Reddit” is derived from the word “read it”, i.e., “I read it on Reddit.


To register on reddit news is free and does not require email address. Below is a simple step on how to create a reddit account.

1.      Visit the website on

2.      Click on register (located on the right hand corner of the home page)

3.      Fill in the necessary details

4.      Click on create

5.      You have successfully created a reddit account. Congratulations.


You can find new content and share new things on reddit, for you to start doing this and keep enjoying great things from reddit, follow the steps below


·        Visit reddit website.

·        Click on “submit new link” located under the search bar

·        Click a subreddit or type in a subreddit name.

·        Click on submit a link (to upload photos, videos, or articles) or click on submit a text post (purely written post)

·        Create your post. For link post, type in the web address of the item you want to share in the “URL” box and type in a title for the post in the title box. For text post, type in a title in the title box.

·        Enter a title or click on the “Suggest Title” button to let reddit suggest one for you.

·        As a human enter the code and click “Submit.”

·        Recommending content is even easier. Just click the “Upvote” or “Downvote” toggles next to any link you see to have your rating recorded.

·        To recommend content is easy. Click on “upvote” or “downvote”

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