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Remita Biller  – Waaaaaaw!!! It here again; another wonderful platform that helps individuals and organizations to easily receive and make payments across all banks, from anywhere and at any time

Remita is a multi-bank e-payment and e-collections platform, incorporating a robust and function rich Payroll and HR solution for full integrated processing.

You can make payments, receive payments, process payroll, pay taxes and pensions, send electronic invoices, set up standing order/direct debits on Remita

Remita is used by individuals, organization and all commercial banks in Nigeria, with the release of Remita Mobile App on Android and iOS (system), individuals can now take full control of their finances through the mobile app on their mobile devices.

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Remita supports all types of biller organizations to receive payments through multiple channels. This service can be used by educational institutions, insurance companies, clubs and associations, religious organizations, government agencies, local and state governments, and much more, to collect various types of fees, charges and dues.

Remita make it easy for customers and service users to pay you using any of the following channels:

  • All Bank Branches in Nigeria;
  • Online Banking site;
  • Debit/Credit cards (Verve, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay);
  • Remita profile (web, mobile or app);
  • POS;
  • Direct Debit/Standing Order;
  • Micro Finance Banks; and
  • Digital Wallets.

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How To Access Remita

You can access Remita by visiting this portal on your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera Mini, Explorer e.t.c.) via your phone, tablet, computer or any other internet enabled device. You can also download the Remita App from your phone’s App store to get easy access.

Here Are The Things You Can Do With The Use Of Remita;

  • You can make Payments from All Your Accounts in All Banks on a single platform
  • You can receive Funds through Debit/Credit Cards, Branches of all Banks
  • Automate your Payroll and deliver Payslips to all Staff

Who Can Use Remita Biller?

  • INDIVIDUALS: individuals have the privilege to manage their personal finances on remita
  • PRIVATE SECTOR ORGANISATIONS of any size and structure and complexity.
  • Federal Government Organisations

How To Register On Remita As An Individual/Organisation?

  • Firstly, open your browser and visit and select “Sign Up Now!”
  • Select the Remita account best suited for you. You will be provided with the following options;
  • Personal: best for individuals. It is a personal account.
  • SME: best for proprietors entrepreneur and sole signatory business owner
  • Corporate: good for multi-business organization
  • Government: for Federal Governments, Local governments and MDAs
  • Complete and submit all the required details.
  • You will receive an email with your login details.
  • Sign the registration form and take to your bank for activation. Login to Remita with your credentials, change your password, and complete other security details. There is a ‘Welcome’ menu that provides information on the features of the platform.

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Meaning Of RRR

RRR stands for Remita Retrieval Reference, a unique transaction ID generated by a payer or merchant on that contains all the details of a transaction for which a payment is to be made. It reduces the chances of errors, saves time and eases reconciliation.


How Does Remita Works In Federal Government Establishments

The remita biller works as a collector and intermediate between Federal government and their establishments. Federal government assigned a single account to all the federal parastatals and every payments been made is paid to the single account through remita and those payments are remitted to the single account after reconciliation.

Every single account has a unique code RRR and it is assigned to particular payment. Such is paid to remita biller and at the end of all transactions, remita biller reconcile and paid all to the single account.

Pay A Federal Government Agency | Www.Remita.Net

Nowadays, remita platform is the top rated platform being use to pay federal Government agents. Federal Government agents are Nigerian federal Government establishment ever created.

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Nigeria federal government assigned and approved the use of remita biller to collect all forms of payments in federal government establishments.

This was introduced because of the fraud alert that has taken over federal government parastatals.

As a result of this new remita biller, all federal government schools like federal government colleges, federal universities, federal medicals and other federal organization csuch as NAFDAC and CAC etc . Payment of school fees and hospital bills, remita CAC and so is pay to the single account through remita. Some parents and students find it difficult to use remita portal. We are going to  explain the steps on how to Pay a federal government agency on portal.

Steps to follow to generate RRR on remita for Payment:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on pay a federal government agent or click
  3. Type the school or organization you intend paying in front of: Name of MDA
  4. Fill in the require box
  5. Insert the captcha code and click
  6. Click proceed to payment to generate RRR on remita

After RRR code is generated on remita, print the invoice to take to bank or if you have a valid Mastercard/Visa card to process online payment; click on pay with Mastercard logo etc.

For successful payment, take the remita payment receipt to school or federal government establishments for verification.

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