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Receive and Send Money Conveniently with Remita website| There are many platforms for sending and receiving money. Some use the internet while others do it strictly via local and international banks. Remita |remita website| combines both options thus providing its users quick and secure transactions.

About Remita |remita website|

This is an electronic money transfer platform that uses the internet and local banks in Nigeria to send and receive money among its users. From the big companies and corporate organizations to SME’s and individuals, this e-Payment platform is changing the transfer of money throughout Nigeria. It is quick, secure and very reliable.
It is currently accepted in more than 20 commercial banks and over 400 micro finance institutions in the country.

Brief overview of Remita | remita website|

The SystemSpecs, Nigeria’s lead software company, prides itself with nurturing the idea and the ultimate development of the master program that runs Remita. The platform allows users to track payments through a variety of channels. Some of these include:

• Internet banking.
• Mobile wallet.
• POS.
• Local Nigerian banks.

Irrespective of the channel of payment used, the platform makes it easy to keep track through the internet. This e-payment platform is licensed and regulated by the Central bank of Nigeria. So, it is very safe and secure.

How to sign up and receive money.

In order to use this service you will be required to sign up. The registration procedure is simple and very direct on their website here . After sign in up you will log in to your account. That way, you will be able to provide the details of the products or services you are receiving payments for. After that you need to alert the customer. This you can do on their website or via your own. If all that is done successfully you should be able to receive your payments instantly.

Services offered on the website.

This e-collections and e payments system offers a wide range of services to its users. Some of these include:
• Making payments across banks in Nigeria.
• Receiving funds through debit or credit cards from banks throughout the country.
• Provision of automated pay slips.
• Collection of funds on behalf of the federal government.

How to send money by the Company.

To make payments or send money via the platform all you need to do is sign into your account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up in seconds at Once in your account, you will be required to toggle between profiles of the intended recipients then make payments. Simple and straight forward.

Remita e-collections.

This is another service that is offered by this e-Payment giant. The following are what you require in order to use this service:
• Provide customized online Pay-In form. This form has all the information needed by payers at the time of payment.
• Send the payer your “pay now” link. They will use this to lead them to the website where they will make the payments.
• Have an account with any local bank in Nigeria. This need not necessarily be in the same bank as your payer’s.

Upon using this service, you will be served with a detailed online report on e-collection transactions. This is available across all Remita channels.

How payment model works.

This multi-channel platform supports all types of biller organizations. It is used by local and international organizations to receive and make payments. The model is such that you send an e-invoice to the payer who will then be required to visit the website at and click on the “Remita Pay Now” button. Alternatively they can choose you as the beneficiary and still make the payments. To hasten payments via Remita, it is recommended that you use any of the following channels:

• Remita profile.
• POS.
• Debit/Credit cards.
• Online banking.
• Digital wallet.
• Microfinance banks.

Remita e-payment and e-collection services make it easy and convenient for you to receive and make payments in Nigeria. Hope you enjoy this? Kindly Share.

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