Restore Custom Recovery On Windows

Restore Custom Recovery | How to Restore Custom Recovery
It’s internally posable that you need to restore your backup copy of windows. When windows won’t start at all. This is when you need your recovery drive and you we need it plug into your computer.

When the computer is off and just, after you turn on your computer. You need to press a key on your keyboard. It might be escape it might be F12 or F8 check the documentation that comes with your pc. To see which key on your keyboard permits boot from flash.Restore Custom Recovery On Windows


How to Restore Custom Recovery

Now let’s have a look on how you can Restore Custom Recovery back to your pc.

  1. Goto pc settings and look for update and recovery.
  2. Then click  recovery.
  3. And lastly click get started in the section. Where you see refresh your pc with out affecting your files.

You can also start your computer installation with the windows installation DVD. If you have one and when you get to the install screen instead of pressing Install click  the Repair. Your Computer Link which you see in the bottom left hand corner.

If you are starting a tablet hold down the Volume Down Key when you turn it on to enter the Recovery Option. You can check the documentation that came with your tablet to see what button start the Recovery environment.

Once you are in the windows Recovery Environment. You may see a link to use a device if you want to recover an image that was saved on a drive. click the link and select your USB flash drive in the options that appears.

The next  thing to do is to click troubleshoot and it takes you to an option to refresh your pc. Clicking this we Restore your Back up Image even if it’s copy to a recovery drive or already on your PC it we restore this with out affecting any of your files or user account.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that keeping a backup copy of your files photographs and videos is probably the most important thing you can do to save your files.

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