Rivers shooting: Casualties ascend to 18

Rivers shooting: Casualties ascend to 18

Rivers shooting: Casualties ascend to 18

More than 18 persons have been slaughtered in the overwhelming shoot-out in the middle of sol­diers and aggressors sus­pected to be support­ers of the previous Niger Delta fomenter, Solomon Ndigbara, in Yeghe group in Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Every day Sun investiga­tion demonstrated yesterday that, around 18 persons were killed in the shoot­ing.

Sources in the region said losses may increment as an aftereffect of scores who endured se­vere shot injuries in the three days shooting in the two nearby govern­ment zones.

It was further gath­ered that the emergency has raised in Gokana, taking after the utilization of bulldozer to level Ndig­bara’s structures, alleg­edly by the military.

Directors of Gokana and Khana Local Gov­ernment Areas, Austin Sor and Tambari Syd­ney separately, have censured the military attack in their zones.

Responding to the kill­ings and annihilation of property, Sor blamed the military for guaranteeing that there was no casu­alty, focusing on that the level of pulverization in Yeghe group was provocative.

Thus, his Khana partner, Sydney, has said they were yet to learn the quantity of passings, trusting that the figure would in­crease.

A portion of the groups of the expired have censured the state­ment from the 2 Bri­gade, Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, that no life was lost.

John Baridon coun­tered the military’s case. Baridon con­firmed his young­er sibling was shot dead in Zaakpon com­munity in Khana coun­cil region, while coming back from work.

Then, Move­ment for the Surviv­al of Ogoni People (MOSOP), has con­demned the military’s operations in the af­fected regions and approached the Federal Govern­ment for a quick withdrawal of the sol­diers.

On Monday, Febru­ary 22, troopers attacked Yeghe group, spe­cifically Ndiagbara’s nation home, in Go­kana nearby government, which brought about the killing of numerous locals, exacted extreme discharge wounds on different vic­tims.

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