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TechScarcity Of Bread Hits Kano As Bakers Embark On Strike

Scarcity Of Bread Hits Kano As Bakers Embark On Strike

No fewer than 8,000 bakers in Kano State have closed down their production and embarked on a strike over the high cost of flour in the State.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Master Bakers Association (MBA) in Kano,  Malam Kabiru Hassan, told reporters on Wednesday that the members deemed it compulsory to embark on the strike due to increase in the price of flour and other commodities involved in the bread production.

“I can confirm to you that no one is selling bread right now in Kano State.  We were forced into this strike because of the flour price which has skyrocketed,” He said.

Our correspondent observed that the scarcity of bread has already been recorded in the metropolis, forcing residents to buy the local delicacy known as Gurasa as the replacement.

The industrial action by the MBA has impacted local tea vendors, popularly known as Mai’shayi, many of whom have already begun to calculate their losses.

A tea vendor, located at the popular Ahamadu Bello way,  Malam Sunusi Hamisu said the strike has caused untold hardships upon those who relied on the MBA for their products and meals.

“I can’t be convinced that this [the strike] is not a conspiracy against the common man. Due to the strike a cheap and sure way of eating has now been cut off,” Mr. Hamisu said.


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