Screenshot Any Page on Windows PC

Screenshot Any Page on Windows PC Without Using Application
There are thousands of app that takes screenshot of what’s displayed on your PC screen or mobile phones. Taking picture of your current screen had been fun and trendy on most social media. Let’s take a good look at Instagram where thousands of photo and videos are been uploaded daily.

Screenshot Any Page on Windows PC

Users are not allowed to download pictures on this social media, but with apps you can capture the photograph on your mobile device or pc just as it is displayed on your screen, with the write up or comments.

You may want to send an error respond you get from an application and you need to take a picture of the error message. May be you are watching a movie and you want to take some picture from the movie why playing the move.

The good news is that you don’t need an application or a camera to take a screenshot on your PC. You can take a screenshot right with your keyboard on windows machine. You can take screenshot of any page displayed on your PC by just pressing two keys on your keyboard.

How to take screenshot on windows PC without using application

To save what’s displayed on your current screen of Pc as picture. Open the page, window or video you want to capture. Press the Window+Print Screen button at the same time.

Screenshot Any Page on Windows PC

The Print Screen key is near the upper-right corner of your keyboard. After capturing what’s been displayed on your PC screen you can locate the image file on your default picture folder. You see a folder name screenshots.  there you can see all the pages you have captured. This pictures are saved in .JPG file format. This is a new features that works on windows 7 upward.

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